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Between Twilight – Lindsey Stirling (Violin Cover by Kimberly Hope)

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Aloha everyone! Lindsey Stirling’s new music video for “Between Twilight” came out today and it was amazing! She is so talented, creative and inspirational and I love how she and Derek dance together! This song is so peaceful and calming to me, so I learned it by ear this morning and wanted to film a quick cover to you guys! Here is me playing along with her track (since she doesn’t have sheet music or backtrack available on her website yet). Thanks so much for watching! Please like, share, subscribe, and check out the links to my social media below!

BOOKING EMAIL: kimberlyhopemusic@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kimberlyhopemusic/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kimberlyhopemusic/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kimberlyhopemus
PERISCOPE: Kimberly Hope Music
My name is Kimberly Hope and I play the violin/electric violin. Even though I was classically trained since age 10, I enjoy playing many genres of music (pop, rock, fiddle, oldies, classical, soundtrack, Lindsey Stirling’s dubstep violin music, etc.) and play at all sorts of events professionally (art walks, weddings, festivals, restaurants, parties, etc.). I’m also working on an album of original songs, so stay tuned for that!

I truly believe that music can heal all. Through it, we have the power to transcend all barriers and come together, touching the hearts and souls of everyone. Because of this, performing is something I deeply enjoy, and I hope to spread my love for music to every person that I can, especially through my videos and other social media. So thank you for supporting my dream of connecting and uniting the world through the healing power of music.

I am in love with all things Lindsey Stirling. She has inspired me so much! She makes me want to be the best performer I can be, and I one day hope to be a well-known artist like her.

Lots of Love, Kim

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Rachael Liebhart says:

Wow! That was gorgeous! ❤️

Sarah El Bakry says:

Amazing cover 👏👏 can i use this for my ballet recital 😅😅

4rkan says:

awesome, wonderful performance. i love this song and you played it so well ^_^

raju kishinchandani says:

Thank you so much dear I got the piece.

Flores Mondragon Erik Alberto says:

I love how you play, recently I found your channel and I love it. It is an excellent interpretation of this song.

Sarah Powell says:

Beautiful cover I really loved the video of Lindsey's 💜

Dasha 5803 says:

It's amazing!)

André Gonçalves says:

Fantástico 😲😮😍😍👏👏👏

Makin’ Melodies says:

Beautiful cover! I love your style of playing!

Amrit Singh says:

This was so satisfying so amazing to listen you did a great work I absolutely love it. Keep it up.
Take care stay safe..

Dynamotog Dynatech says:

You play the violin sooo beautifully, I hope I can play like you some day… Congratulations! You're amazing!

Arwensdorf says:

GORGEOUS KIM!!!!! Your covers of Lindsey are so clear and beautiful. 🙂

communityband1 says:

Lindsey's video for this is absolutely magical. You can really see the growth in her dancing skills over the years. As for your cover, you have an amazingly good ear and melodic memory. It's one thing to get the basic theme of this song down in a morning. It's quite another to absolutely perfect every nuance of the entire song so that you can play from start to finish with the original and have it be indistinguishable. Fantastic!!!

Forever Learning says:

The music sheet and backing tracks are not in her shop. Did you make the backing track yourself 😲 ?

Jeembu YT says:

Very well done 🙂

Cristian Obo says:

excellent execution! very accurate: even shazam can find it !! 🤣😅 it's a Lindsey song I'd like to learn someday🙄 what is the song of lindsey that you find easier? but I think there is always some complicated passage anyway😅 congratulations again !!!

Mark Paulo says:

I love this girl very much. Specially her eyes.. I love you ms. Kim 😘😘

Aatala says:

This piece always gives me Zelda fairy vibes 💖 I’m about half way learning it!

Chris Two says:

Nice have you try Lindsey stirling boulevard of broken dreams?

Bradley Squires says:

Beautiful piece of music from a beautiful lady ❤️💋💗

Володя Стеців says:

The day begins with the best music in the world.Thank you Kimberly

Ashley Villanuevaa says:

eighth 😊♥️ great cover

Awesome Fortune cookie says:

i LOVE your music!! originals and covers❤️

PandaKitty says:

This is amazing! I'm one of the fifth graders you taught at Ele'ele.

Vansh garg says:

You played very well, this is my favorite song. Literally you have lot of charisma. Keep it up sister!!

Canada Dan says:

Beautiful Kim I watch Lindsey a lot she is great mentor to so many talented young violinist like you ❤️🇨🇦

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