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Between Twilight – Lindsey Stirling Live Premier

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Video by me

The Roxy, LA, CA, 8/27/2019


Kerry McMurtrey says:

This to me was like waking up from the place where dreams were made. Good dreams, beautiful dreams. And realizing that life can be that dream. Full of promise and beauty and potential.

czajo92 says:

Gosh, this version looks better than acted one during common shows!

Ashley A says:

One of my favorite songs out of the album! The title of the song really nails the feel of the song.

Edward Emmerson says:

The time of dreams ❤️

Amateur Violinist_38 says:

I'm so glad I recorded this because I had my eyes closed most the time just taking in the music and I wanted to see her play it. I could fall sleep to this, it's so enchanting.

Kyle Potter says:

This sounds like Zelda and kingdom hearts combined!

Lindsey Stirling says:

So excited for you guys to hear the full album! It comes out next Friday (9/6) and you can preorder it here: https://found.ee/LS_Artemis_PreOrder

BrianNC81 says:

very nice! I can't wait to hear the studio version. For some reason this reminds me of the movie Avatar. Maybe this song should be in the soundtrack for Avatar 2.

Stefania Licini says:

I was in love with this song from the very first notes. Don't know why, don't know how, but every piece of this song reminds me of all the mistakes and the darkest moments I lived in my life.
But then, all in a blue, in the middle of the song I feel something very strange and warm embrace my heart, from the very deep of my stomach.
The epic vocal sounds make it faster. It's like… a new strenght.
Yes, now I know, or simply suppose that.. But I can see all the good actions I did in order to get the situation better, I've been moving smarter and smarter, learning more and more from everyday I used to be in depression. From the total solitude to a new union with my own decisions. For the first time.
This song represents the melancholy in our individual growing up, due to the errors we made and the solutions we found to see again in the light. To improve ourselves.
Lindsey has impressed with back ink the soundtrack of how every beeing turns to a moon in the blackest nights.

Thank you, my darling, my inspiration.

John Waltmans says:

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful intimate concert.

Milton Diaz says:

oh something got in my eye :') this was incredibly beautiful.

Allen Liew says:

OMG I'm gonna stop watching your upload fro this event🤣 Cause I don't want to get too much spoiler from the album, I'm already spoil with Underground, Atermis, The Upside, Guardian and now Between Twilight

thisisnancybot says:

It’s so uncommon for us to get a non-cover ballad from Lindsey. This sounds quite pretty

Leigh Saunderson says:

Wow !! This album is going to be amazing, can't wait !

Mark Devine says:

Really Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

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