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Between Twilight (Lindsey Stirling) Cover by Diego Esteban

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Between Twilight composed by Lindsey Stirling.
Violin: Diego Esteban
Guitar: Nathania Jualim
Camera: Vadim Vystavkin & Martynas Levickis

#LindseyStirling #Artemis #Violin

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This song is property of its rightful owner(s)
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Kimberly Hope Music - Violinist says:

Wow Diego! Amazing playing, beautiful video and arrangement on the guitar! I love it! ❤️ I also just posted a cover and tutorial of this song! I would love if you could please check them out ☺️

Laurent Phaneuf says:

where did you find the music sheet?

SakuyaKiciKici says:

Great! bettter than Lindsay 🙂

phake snooze says:

Is it just me, or does he play this better then Madam L ?

Martin Palmer says:

Wow, what a beautiful interpretation. The acoustics are amazing as well. You have inspired me to pick up the violin once again.

Anche Yumuk says:

Woow this is so amazing and beautiful! I love the sound of your violin and especially your clear playing! Also the place is very beautiful too! Can you make a tutorial also?

Yad Franco says:

Que hermoso

Mihaela Alexandra says:

Wow! I've discovered you only today but I can say that you're doing an awesome job playing the violin. This is amazing! I love this song so much and the cover you made is great! I can't believe you made it just by listening to the song, without the sheet music. And what I love the most is that I can see you playing it. Keep it on!

xNimuex says:

Diego! Amazing cover and beautiful landscape!!! I am an beginner adult violinist and i love this song but i struggle where to find sheet music (I cannot really play it by ear). Can you help me how to find sheet music? Thank you soo much

ts15210 says:

I love this song

Anne Dewi says:

dude this is AMAZIIIGG!!!

Bruna Araújo says:

Que lindo , ficou perfeito parabéns ❤❤❤

Katarzyna Sypuła says:


James Edwards says:

Well done.
You're good !

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