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Between Twilight – Behind The Scenes

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Behind The Scenes Photo: Kelly Balch
Behind The Scenes Video: Mark Hapka

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Sofocl Ershov says:

Lindsey, thank you very much for your music. It's amazing! Good luck and best wishes for you!

F. Karssen says:

Why didn't I know that she makes comic books, where can I buy them

Александр Жукович says:

Первая мысль!) Это было Круто!;) Линси!) Дай бог мне написать вторую.
P.s. я уважаю и люблю тебя не за то, что ты делаешь и **ахаха** творишь…) Я люблю скрипку) линси!) От мамы. Стирлинг. От пары!) А скрипка) … Спасибо тебе! Солнышко дорогое и родное! Я.. просто.. в потоке.. 😉 и ты знай, что ты красотка и молодеешь лишь с теми треками, которые исполняет душа, а не… .

omega centauri Studios says:

Lindsey saying: Why are you watching the BTS before the Video anyway?

Me : nervously sweating i dont know ?! I really dont know!

Kiran Thomas says:

Loved it ❤

Don MacKay says:

You are such an inspiration to so many people. I’m happy that you are so authentic and willing to talk so freely about your personal history. Keep up the good work. I love Artemis. I bought whole album.

Eternatty says:

Lindsey, off topic, but that lipstick is a great color on you!

Alex Neo says:

a divine leprechaun!

Daisy Lopez says:

Does the Artemis comic book sold in digital?

Robert Wescombe says:

An amazing dancer, an amazing voice, an amazing musician… and she does comic books too?? Inspiring to say the least! You go Lindsey!

Château Pape says:

Yeaaaaaaaaah~So nice!!!!

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