Best of THE WEEKND Cover in THE VOICE !

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– Hope you like this video and thank you for watching !

– LIST :
00:02 Bryan Bautista – The Hill (The Voice US)
01:23 Sheldon Riley – Call Out My Name (The Voice Australia)
02:25 Chike – Earned It ( The Voice Nigeria)
04:29 Joana Martinez – Call Out My Name (The Voice US)
06:17 CammWess – Earned It (The Voice US)
07:54 Franc West – Call Out My Name (The Voice US)
09:50 Funsho Proves – Earned It (The Voice US)
11:46 James Smith Jr.- Earned It (The Voice Germany)


Grace Simpson says:

The girl….. whoahhhh

No Chill says:

The second one sounds like if Sam Smith sang The Weeknd's song

Clarke Griffin says:

Sounds Like Monday And U Have School At Morning

Ayesha Ellahi says:

I’m srry but no one can’t top him or sound like him the weekend is on another leel

Sol says:

Oh… None of them, sorry XD I've found out that's quite difficult to sing his songs. It's unique

Fran Roman says:

The second to last guy just made dance the white girl lol 10:24. He’s voice is so amazing 👏🏽 something that only black people have.

Elijah Spartan says:

Well they can sing bt not sing a " The Weeknd song"

Metro says:

Tf the second guy got a spider on his head

Brayan Neil Sanchez Rugel says:

Apenas llegan a lunes

Elis Gabriela Marcu says:

Go home boys

Gancarlos Balanzar says:

Is imitador

barack obama says:

Give the guy @12:06 the voice of the guy @10:21 and you’ll have a weekday clone 🤞

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