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Best Battles in Avatar: The Last Airbender – Part 3! 💥| Avatar

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With the power of earth, wind, fire, and air, these battles only get more epic! Check out MORE of the best battles from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

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Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel–– the ultimate home for all things Avatar! Here you will find the best uncut battles from the series, deep dives into the expansive lore of the world, and the most memorable moments from all of your favorite characters from Aang to Zuko. On top of that, there will be plenty of Legend of Korra, graphic novel features, and even more exciting original content! You don’t need a sky bison to swing on by to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel every Monday, Friday, and Saturday for new videos!

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Stan's Math Hacks says:

Dai Li: Ba Sing Se is impenetrable

The Gaang: Well yes but actually no

Jack Garrett says:

When Longshot spoke.
Me: shook

LandonTheWaffle says:

I am a simple man. I see avatar, I click

Lloyd Lohstreter says:


Sureer Abdi says:

10:11 when the boks in a video game runs away

Lord Grim says:



He sticks the landing

Catch22 Beats says:

Aang >korra

If TLA came out around this time it’d be better than what it is now. Only with the same writers

Parlons Astro says:

When did sokka learn to fight in the fire nation ?

donkeyisalive00 says:

Imo, the Agni Kai between Zuko, Katara and Azula was the best, the music and the visuals and just everything is awesome

Retr0 XX says:

Title: Best Avatar battles
What it really is: many avatar battles

All of these battles are the best.

Goonk says:

As if zuko vs Azula isn’t on this list

Donald Obtinalla says:

Quarantine ft throwback avatar scenes is the best ❤

S M says:

The sound of earthbending is the most satisfying thing ever

Eventz says:

9:10 i didnt even notice aang is the one who froze the water

Eventz says:

season 3 was so action packed i love it

Kalina Jordanovska says:

I got here after 8 years

Julianto Kurniawan says:

9:23 that's what i call 'completely calm' learn from Toph, Katara 😤

rule breaker says:

Imagine Iroh and Aang vs Ozai and Azula

Kurt Nhian says:

4:38 aang made the bermuda triangle

Aaron says:

How does Momo and Appa fight not get a place on here?

SpaceMan 96 says:

4:06 me with frost walker in Minecraft.

11 Megan Chan says:

in the description
“ with the power of earth, wind, fire, air “

Passion Chickens says:

I swear that every new episode of "Best battles in ATLA", most of the battles were written in the comments section

Tunar Karimov says:

1:08 Liu Kang liked that fire kick

Mamah- -Vino says:

How sub indinesian

AgieSebie says:

just watched the compilations of LoK's best battles and had to come here to detox

Pablo Solis says:

I wonder what happened to Jet friends?

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