Battlefield: Portal – Announcement Trailer | EA Play Live

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The new mode in Battlefield 2042 will let players mix-and-match elements from the most popular Battlefield games to create your own crazy custom modes.

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Lukaishut JENNINGS says:

In case any of you are wondering this song is This is war by the Idles

Abyasa Saifaji says:

2:02 Hans, you're genius

Panthera says:

Seriously, what is the point?

Andrey Sokolov says:

Now this points of data make a beautiful line, and we're out of beta, we're releasing on time… if you know what I'm taking about.

leomário magalhães says:

Eu amo este jogo

Магомедзапир Абдурашидов says:

Падение вышки в конце в 3 батле тоже есть она граница каспия

worldwanderer91 says:

2:05 American problems require German solutions

Nebojsa NS says:

its still like BF 4 like update.

Trung Ha says:

== what a mess..

Micmimi56 says:

This is literally minecraft 2

Krishna Chandra Das says:

Dinosaurs please.

basar works says:

"Now you're thinking with Portals"

Panther Heart The Druid says:

GTX770 8DDR3
So preorder then?

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