Battlefield 3 launch trailer

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Nouvel épisode de la BF3 TV :

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Shogun L says:

Best game ever. No battlefield part can reach that level of fun yet. I think battlefield 2042 is great, but I think battlefield 3 is much better. The blue writ when you kill the enemy makes that game legendary.

sohaib khan says:

Battlefield 2042?Levolution? Tornados? Wake up bro its 2011 !,the bf3 trailer just came out and its AWSOME!!!

Seriously Mad says:

Shocker, no female pensioners as soldiers…

Lester says:

This trailer Is great Beacouse it's based on real war mind, these days trailers made like games for kids

Jonathan Lemon says:

I hope bf2042 brings the same level of gameplay as this masterpiece. Bf3 is the best bf game and I would love for it to finally be dethroned

SirHell says:

Battlefield 3 Campaign in my opinion: Good idea, bad execution

Game Kills says:

WOW waiting for 10th anniversary of my favourite game in the world

akaUnderdog says:

THAT soundtrack! 👌

buttersosketchy says:

I prefer this to modern warfare 3 tbh

Faisal Yousuf says:

This game beats every battlefield.

Leco says:

Só eu que acho o bf3 tão bom quanto um jogo atual?

محمد السمين says:

Best part 😭

Bummpacars says:

the only Battlefield trailer that matters

Salerias says:

Hopefully BF2042 is worthy and is nearly as good as BF3

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