Battlefield 2042 RendeZook reaction

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Battlefield 2042 RendeZook reaction
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Rude 7 says:

Ce n'est pas lui qui fait le rendezook du trailer! C'est stun_gravy un youtuber américain lol.

bsbsbspl says:

What an absolute legend this guy.

Kyle Schroeder says:

Well thats an annoying reaction.

Marcelo Batista says:

Monstro sagrado do BF , merece a homenagem parabéns 😎

devin aretz says:

What a god🙏🏻

Getn_Shot says:

I think there has been a mistake with what people are thinking. This guy didn't create the Rendezook

Look up stun gravys channel. It's a English speaking dude not this guy….

TNQR_Kakashi says:

What a Legend..

Flute Kid says:

I never knew pure happiness can break sound barrier.

G W says:

That clip will forever be badass

Sgt Sky says:

Dude broke the sound barrier like damn

Shinsetsu says:

No words can describe how happy he is

Nate River says:

Is it bad i screamed with him in this vid XD

ivan gonzalez says:


Ruby Redz says:

This is meme material

HG Mincer says:

The greatest Kill in Video game history.

Felipe Nepomuceno says:

I'm a simple man, I see a genuine reeaction I drop a like. Happy for this guy.

somethingidontknow BLK says:

He really happy dude that is cool

Nguyễn Tuấn Hiếu says:

oh men, the moment he realizes that he had just become a legend so satisfied

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