Battlefield 2042 – Official Gameplay Trailer (4K) | E3 2021

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Check out brand new gameplay from Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer mode, featuring giant sand tornados, ziplining between buildings, and driving ATVs into helicopters.



joey bell says:

Is this a game where it's player vs AI, Player vs player or both? 😎🇺🇸

Slender Dude 13 says:


keponen says:

this looks great! but ppl dont play like this, its just a bunch of campers in bushes and hallways

Arse Biscuits says:

This game looks insane compared to the boring new cod fish.

Desurreal says:

honestly im more hyped for this game than cod vanguard

Danny says:

Neon lights on all the buildings: Future.

Drakeziel Mathis says:

Looks more and more like Homefront everyday. With Battlefield physics.

ismail yılmaz says:

Ea games all games hawe toomany cheaters thıs company dont deserve any money

Jokichi says:

Just a little reminder.. Battlefield 2042 haven't out yet and don't underestimate Battlefield rival, "Call of duty", we don't know and will never know how's the result like, Call of duty might having an Epic comeback with their COD: Vanguard, so don't Taunts to early and keep your expectation as low as possible.

Sempraviar says:

Day 21 its in my Library!

chiefsnivy says:

1:34 remember, no rushing

Ufocaster says:

Selling the same game with different skin and texture quality since 2011 (Battlefield 3). Last inovation was Battlefield 3. Why innovate when you are gonna milk the cow anyway?

Lucive D. says:

Time to get a new shitbucket and some vitamine D pills

Prodelle says:

just realized the bleed out time is very long

Aria Seraj says:

Weapons and vehicles shown here are pretty old for 2042 which is like 22 years later. There should easily be electromagnetic rifles and Mechs in the battle.


2:17 In 4K Finaly you cen see is woman 🙂

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