Battlefield 2042 NEW Gameplay details + BIG Changes!

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Battlefield 2042 gameplay details have emerged again following the Open Beta and Hazard Zone reveal. Gun, vehicle customisation, extra Tanks and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Use code jackfrags in the Epic Games Store – #EpicPartner



M1keyyyyy says:

Looks alright, portal is cool

Tito Bandito says:

still saying f*ck the specialists

Davey Ritchey says:

thats henry zebrowski on the podcast the dude from last podcast on the left

HellThroat says:

Wait for reviews before u buy

Nicklas Daugherty says:

Is that Henry Zabrowski?

Devon Penner says:

I love how Henry Zebrowski and Whitney Cummings(?) Are the conspiracy theorists on the podcast😂😂😂

Nate_5.0 says:

just got my 3060 in and more parts on the way literal cant wait to play this game !

eli Genovese says:

thank you for being my go to for battlefield videos

Scraapi says:

I’m a super bf fan and I think this is what needed. The fans.

Scraapi says:

I think the battlefield 2042 is going to be a big success


One big question I have about the game is will it only have the three game modes or will there be more because I’m a very big fan of rush it’s one of my favorite game modes so do you think that will be in there?

Thomas Mullens says:

Tornados were happening every time I dropped in a game haha/

wimmer021 says:

just for the HAARD ONE, you get a like

Hobbie Science says:

I mean, anyone who judged the whole game on an open "BETA" test is a f**king moron.

Timothy says:

Nothing about the flying?

Ian Snow says:

Feels closer to hardline… Doesn't feel like a battlefield game. Not sure how I feel about it.

XeniviosWTGaming says:

When you melee you should be able to choose from first person or third person animation.

Habib Ainun Syifa F says:

I'll wait 6 months

HypaDunk says:

I hope the game runs better with a 3080 and a i9900k I was getting 70fps

Jake says:

Glad i refunded.. looks like i have to stick to BFV.. yay… :// i was really fucking hoping that this was going to be a good game. I was utterly disappointed. They clearly have no idea which direction they wanted to take this game and its a fucking mess. Specialists are just game breaking and need to be completely removed

Order divine Warrior says:

The game looks great this is don’t delay it

RyzenRTX says:

Hazard zone is going to be lit!

Sandros94 says:

I've played 5 games or so and 3 of them had the tornado in it…

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