Battlefield 2042 NEW Gameplay and Details!

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Battlefield 2042 Gameplay is looking really good! NEW gameplay from 4 specialists just dropped and some screenshots of Battlefield Mobile! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.



MrNobodylikesyou says:

I dont know why they need a separate mobile game .. 2042 is looking more and more like a mobile game anyway.

MrNobodylikesyou says:

I dont mind having different specializations for classes (combat medic vs field medic etc) .. with different perks etc .. but specialists .. in a bf game … madness!

Bloody Air says:

hope they have an option for 1st or 3rd person takedown animation.
i like it 1st person because feels more personal and brutal.

Son121 says:

3:48 looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

Enea Dosti says:

0:03 i cant call him a soldier seriously! He looks more like a farmer growing tomatoes.

R In-ul says:

Please Dice cut the main character crap… we just need a BF4.2

Patch Ray says:

I don’t like specialists. Just give us customizable classes with nameless characters.

Dose of Kiccz says:

So they resulted with a modern warfare clone ? Im not happy. . . .

MoTo_Tech_Braap_it out says:

Only way I'll like this game if ttk is how 5 was at launch

Yorkshireyuken says:

lol the textures are awful

Виктор Павлович says:

1:30 Why does she shock a living soldier with a discharge of current?

Moses Moses says:

I love this. Looks awesome!!

Responsible Focused says:

This is just like a medic or suport or a enji and they all have,diffrent abilitys

Borex Ros says:

Mobile game can't wait

vladthe CHAD says:

kinda lame tbh…

pyroflo 808 says:

Looks like another hardline

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