Battlefield 2042 Gameplay ( 4K Ultra Graphics )

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Battlefield 2042 Gameplay. It’s finally here. Ultra graphics 4K 60FPS… Like and Subscribe for more. Use code jackfrags in the Epic Games Store – #EpicPartner



jackfrags says:

I have some more early access codes for Origin PC if anyone wants to try them – 8ZVD-R3WH-XKGS-WE7H – 4QGY-5B3V-L3QR-5ZQG – 9WNH-GWLT-AQWJ-9UA6 – HDT5-C2KX-N9FL-AQ4X

Secret says:

Love the extensive air battles. That was my favorite part of Battlefield 3. Only neg is the beach day lighting and colors. It should a little dark and grim. This feels like they were going for that Fortnite look.

nieooj gotoy says:

Love the vids jack you're one of the best! Downloading the game tonight can't wait to try it!

Mickey Bauer says:

24:54 explosion looks sick

BullishJW says:

What is he playing on because nobody i watched gameplay look like this.

Nascarcool says:

Not tryna hate or anything but the game does look arcade like. The UI bothers me a bit and obviously the specialists. Still can't wait to play!! Also fuck AA tanks, worst invention known to man

Leon Baker says:

How did you do a whole bot game on the beta. I couldn’t find how to do this when the beta came out on Xbox? Or was this a pc only option on beta

RR Marshall says:

This man puts the hel in helicopter 🚁

Zihan Zhou says:

OK, 2042 sucks

Rock girl says:


palestine Bustami says:

Sniper rifle are crazy

gekouuu says:

8:49 – The "Grappling Hook" just sucks! While you are climbing it is not possible to fully see the rope

It’s always darkest before the soul - Mr Dark Soul says:

Almost everyone who’s played the beta: “This is great. A return to form for the franchise.”

Very small minority of BF Gatekeepers on social media: “NO CLASSES WHAT IS THIS COD OMG FAIL LAZY DEVS BF IS DEAD NOW”

Mike Castillo says:

I can’t wait to play this game!

Joseph Davis says:

Looks like cod kinda 😕

Pierre Blignault says:

Sound lacks body….specially for this FPS. Game Play and Graphics seems nice, though not as hardcore as with previous installments.

TJ L says:

This looks kind of lame like cod series arcade garbage

Crow says:

2:52 how was THAT not a kill??


Battlefield 2042 has a story mod

Martin D says:

This game is gonna be awesome

Cron says:

You sure look like you enjoyed that beta

WizardOfPov says:

Genuinely disappointed. Big fan of the battlefield franchise and been waiting so long for the new game but can honestly say (in my opinion) that this looks terrible.

It didn't have a battlefield feel to it at all during the short time I played it

M.V.P says:

I feel like this has strayed so far from how bf used to be that it may aswell be a different game…it will be just a bunch of ninjas grapple hooking anywhere and cheat sniping everyone… i just want bfbc2 and bf3 remastered…it still had more realistic elements…. this is pretty much a cod clone now…grapple hook idk just pisses me off big time, ok have it but it should be used only once per match…

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