Battlefield 2042 Beta – The Good, The Bad, And The Meh

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This is my in-depth review of the Battlefield 2042 Beta
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LevelCapGaming says:

What's your most controversial take on the beta?

Alexander Palmer says:

Ran into a glitch more times than I can count where if you leave a vehicle after spawning you can no longer use any of your items, can't aim, can't shoot, can't heal can't use grenades or knife. Gun play isn't fun and The Bolt action sniper feels super weak compared to dmrs right now. I love sniping but I feel punished for using a rifle that has the same damage profile that a DMR has at a fraction of the fire rate

nippy 31 says:

Although they took the classes out I still have fun playing this game. But that's me

DeadlyIce Cream says:

looks like a shit game

TheEvilstarter44 says:

Why no campaign…

Harry Baxter says:

It plays like arkady shit

Mark Henry says:

This isn't battlefield, no way I'm wasting money on this shit.

RUCRAZY🤔 says:

This game gonna suck, who agrees ?////

Jared Wilson says:

Why can’t snipers be one hit ?

QQucci says:

this would be the best BR ever

JooWu says:

They’ll make money but they won’t be getting mine. I was on the fence of getting a new game and to take away the team work involved in squads is terrible. Whoever green lit that idea should be fired. Doesn’t seem like they ever played a battlefield game before.

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