Battlefield 2042 – Angry Rant!

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There is no way this is ready for release, not now, not the 12th and not the 19th. Battlefield is in REALLY BAD shape with tons of awful decisions made fundamentally and needs a TON of WORK before its ready.

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MrBooFog says:

World most bullshieeet UX ever created … I HATED! why God why They changed everything?!?!?!

HanSeoulOh says:

How many morons will still buy this game and dump money into it? That's who they're marketing to. Suckers…

David Seggs says:

I'm Gay.

泷上官 says:

This video has 270,000 views in China😂

Overdose Balkony says:

Lolol i love joe

donald trumpp says:

I swear to god this is the only trustworthy honest review. Pure cash grab they saw mw do the dumbest shit by carrying on the story through warzone and half us missed it, ea done the same, burn them it's a cheap shameless cash grab

Determinator 6175 says:

They turned Battlefield 2042 into Warzone .
Needs Battlefield 4,1,5 features to be true Battlefield.

Blarobgriff says:

We probably should have seen this coming from battlefront 2

praatnietveel says:

Can someone be so kind to upload this on an alternative without age verification and maybe link it?

GunzN'Corgis says:

His face at the beginning said it all. People really still pre-order and buy day 1 releases of fps's? Reviewers I get, the rest of ya'll? Lmfao.

Javier Clifcorn says:

This is Battlefield. I don't want to play COD.

jonthebizkit360 says:

Welp… I'll be playing Battlefield 4 🤭

Madz Media says:

To put it into context, BF2042 in the UK is £70. That's 97 USD. The ultimate edition is £110. That's 146 USD.

Benjámin Kurilla says:

6:25 – what I came for.


im so glad that i cancelled my pre order i played like 3 games of the beta uninstalled and refunded 🤣 could see this train wreck coming and i got attacked for giving that opinion lol

Jeff Head says:

Worse than COD

Bariudol says:

It's over. BF4 was the last trully good battlefield. It's really sad to see my favourite franchise die like this

Adam Lauer says:

Do yours still think we should support them now Joe? Made fun of us last game and now you see

. Masamune says:

I knew this shit was gunna happen, video games don't launch complete anymore. and you have to pay for DLC to get the whole experience so really you shouldn't be buying a game until its been out for a year. I'm pretty sure I remember BF4 taking like 3 months to fix the netcode. then it had that bulldog gun or whatever the fuck it was called that everyone ran around with

Anthony Obiedo says:

Zipper did it better with MAG.

Brandon Kennedy says:

Bad company 2 was the greatest BF of all time

Dan Zaugg says:


This is the PRIMARY reason I support this channel. JOE holds NOTHING BACK!!!!

Bastinelli says:

Man I miss bad company 2, I played the fuck out of that game. True destruction.

Rock Gaint says:

I’m starting to believe that this guy hasn’t even played the game is everything he brings up in his clips or is someone else’s experience

TheBic4 says:


Lucy Ducy says:

The fact that they tried to remove it tells it all.

medovk says:

this is gold, pure gold

IndexChaos says:

Those companies don't care because we the "old" gamers that want quality are not their core audience anymore… All of them are focusing on kids age 12+. Most of these kids don't understand that what these companies are doing is wrong.

William Humes says:

If I can describe his rage using only a book title, it will be Fire and Fury.

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