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Baseball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Baseball trick shots at the ballpark!
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XdAlpha _UABot says:

Did everyone else see when garret missed the dunk tank

Tobias 9 says:

Hello dude perfekt, my Hobby IT's baseball⚾️⚾️please more for baseball please

Kittycatplays says:

1:41 ty bunts it pitcher coming in out


Hello dudes
I'm from India and a half big fan of you
Can you do some tricks with carrom

karthikeyen sudhi keerthi says:

I live in bahraIN

karthikeyen sudhi keerthi says:

you need to film at bahrain

Sunitha Sri says:

Tyler is the best

Tyan Walsh says:

At 0:41 Ty steps over second base on the double play😂😂

Izaak Rochester Music says:

Would you rather:
Be in the dunk tank and get dunked but meet dp and be in one of their videos
Not get wet and not be in the dunk tank and not do any of the above at all ???

I put three question marks because I wanted to make it look cool

Tzviel Kahan says:

You know some videos are old when they only have the one t-shirt. So this is new

Jose Crane says:

Modernization of their old video of the same idea.

Yisroel Weiss says:

Y’all should film in Hawaii
Like if y’all agree

Yisroel Weiss says:

Does anyone know this song?

Yisroel Weiss says:

2:50 that’s why Dude Perfect is SAVAGE!

Yisroel Weiss says:

1:09 did y’all see that? Was it approved?

Yisroel Weiss says:

They doesn’t this channel have more subs than PewDiePie? LOL

Craze mantis says:

shout out to the minor league stadium it looked sick they had a pool/hot tub and a waterfakk in centerfield

Smore Smore says:

anyone else getting this suggested to them in 2020?

Chad Ellis says:

Got you Tyler woooooooo

Jill Gaspard says:

My favorite trick shot video and also my 3rd favorite vid. Keep the awesome work up

Logan Williams says:

where is that field at

maverick henry says:

The MLB is back baby!!!

Ronald Burnett says:

The button is what I meant

Ronald Burnett says:

He almost missed it

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