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Thank you to the fans of RE:Anime, without you guys we wouldn’t be here today. We know this video took far longer than anyone expected but we are just so glad that you stuck it out with us until the end. We hope you enjoyed the film and we look forward to creating more live-action anime content for you all to enjoy in the near future!

Thank you fellow shinobi’s,
The RE:Anime Team

Music by Alessandro Saini:

Soundtrack –

We also must thank our amazing crew who came and worked for free, without you all this film would not be possible. Thank you for your dedication to your craft, we sincerely appreciate it —

Directed by Josh Mabie

Written and Produced by
Nik Shaw
Josh Mabie

Executive Producers
Nik Shaw
Josh Mabie
Jordan Nistico
Baron Schwarz
Candice Schuval

Tim Barry
Osric Chau
Scott Eriksson
James Thomas
Jonathan Spencer

Line Producer
Sean Gallagher

AZULA – Nikki Soohoo

ZUKO – Yoshi Sudarso

KATARA – Yasmine Kassim

KORRA – Katrina Rosita

FIRE PRIEST – Michael Yama

Director of Photography – Nik Shaw

1st AD – James Thomas
2nd AD – Hayley Chavers

A CAM 1st AC – Ryan Sax
A CAM 2nd AC – Kiara Ramirez

B CAM OP – Vincent Patin

B CAM 1st AC – Aser Santos
B CAM 2nd AC – Philip Hoang

Steadicam OP – Kiel Eulberg

Gaffer/Key Grip – Chris Boulos
Grip – Torey Mculey
Grip – Samantha Fonseca
Grip – Alejandro Ramos

Sound Mixer – Josh Atwell

Make-up – Kao Minamoto

Hair Stylist – Jackie Weiss

Wardrobe – Mariah Harrison

Stunt Coordinator – Ian Eyre
Fight Coordinator – Yoshi Sudarso
Assistant Fight Coordinator – Mark Poletti
Azula Stunt Double – Kiera O’Connor
Stunt Rigger – Nick Goehner
Zuko Pickup Day Double – Justice Van Cho
Azula Pickup Day Double – Erica Lau

Fire Spinner – Will Brandon

Production Assistant – Kenneth Dickey
Production Assistant – Bryan Argott
Production Assistant – Enrique Vasquez
Production Assistant – Warren Couvillion

Post-Production Supervisor and Editor – Joseph Suzuki

Colorist – Thomas Galyon

Sound Design – Brian Ortiz

Composer – Alessandro Saini
Cello – Katt Newlon
Vocals – Nikhil Koparkar

Visual Effects by Poetic Image
Joseph Suzuki

Water VFX by Prakash Kumararajan

Lightning VFX By Josh Mabie

Additional VFX by Pete Polyakov
Jon Julsrud

BTS Director – Elliot Rosen
BTS Videographer – Derek Kirk Kim
BTS Videographer – Riley Donovan

Special Thanks

DigitalFilm Tree
Allen Quindiagan
Jon Wong
Paul Parnell
David Shaw
Lynn Deegan
Jordan Nistico
Una Jensen
Dennise Valadez
Melly Lee

To the crew who donated their time for free –
This was only possible because of your love and dedication!
You have our endless gratitude!

Lastly, Thank You to Nickelodeon and the Creators of Avatar
for inspiring us with your wonderful world.

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Created by Anime super fan, producer, cinematographer and director, Nik Shaw, RE:Anime™ was born of an infectious passion for the culture and characters of Anime as well as out of frustration with the way major studios have misrepresented essential Anime values and characters in live-action productions. Nik believes staying true to the authenticity and the core roots is the best path to success.

The mission is clear – to adapt fan-favorite Anime programs into high quality live-action films while representing the culture and characters that are true to each story and each Anime’s intended values.

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