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Asimov's Foundation Coming to Apple TV

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Apple TV will try to succeed where so many others have tried and failed by creating a TV series based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.
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Multiserviços Reptecno says:

For the material made available by Apple ….
Or "suitable" for the current times, if you prefer.
Asimov's readers should not spoil the literary experience of the work with yet another shallow pyrotechnic show from streaming.

William00048 says:

They have repurposed and destroyed Star Wars and Star Trek. Now they will repurpose Foundation in a gender swap to a young black woman so that she can overcome Privilege to get representation for the average Terminus citizen. So that [s]he can get disparaged and ridiculed by the council board while all the time [s]he was right. You just know that the council will predominantly be older white men and the most vociferous will be all older white men. Let Asimov sleep in peace and keep your 21st century culture war in this century. Make your own woke crap and stop destroying much loved IPs.

Xie Yifan Nigel says:

Yo, coming to Apple TV+ now. 😱

simon ghosh says:

Asimov has may young fans out there. Can believe foundation hasnt been adapted yet. They will still roll out nostalgia in new boxes like star wars and star trek.

LamneYokaMou says:

1:14 who would have thought that Jose Mourinho was an Asimov fan! He really has put on some weight.

Kevin Carter says:

Adding comment in Jan 2020 it will be a hard book to Adapt ..But we Will See

melvin shermen says:

Just make the series apple

Brenden Waite says:

I wouldn’t mind having the foundation start with Caves of Steel…where the the true emperor of the foundation aka Daneel Olivaw makes his first appearance.

Andrew Hoppe says:

These guys are idiots.

Steve Joy says:

21 Books in all. Isaac Asimov wrote almost 500 books in his lifetime.

Tom says:

So glad this is finally being made into a TV show, rather than a movie or trilogy.
It's simply unfilmable in six hours and I think that's why nobody has ever gotten past the planning stages, before.
There will certainly be a lot that needs to be changed but the stories and the settings, the sheer gargantuan scope, just in tackling the first small book, if it's handled well, it could be the best television show ever made.
I know how much Apple hate giving to charity, so if they're going to do something good with all that cash, the least they can do is throw a billion a season at making the most important piece of science fiction ever, into a decent show.

Karan Joshi says:

Making fun of asimov fans in not a bold move. I am 24 and I love those novels.

cibriosis says:

No one can pull it of..maybe russia cause they have some history of philosophy but even that is hard…just don;t try it..leave him alone..do rendevous with rama..Clarcke was far more visual..Asimov..not so much…more the ideas about certain political and social themes

Car Mo says:

Hollywood already raped the s**t out of "I, Robot". They took the way Asimov explores conflicts and contradictions around the robot laws, threw it all out the window and released a tired action movie with robots in it. The world trembles at what these people will do with a sci-fi series so epic it makes Star Wars feel like a short story.
What it has going for it, is that Foundation was originally written as a series of smaller, individual stories each telling a part of the story about the Foundation. That should lend itself for adaptation as a TV series. Also, what makes Asimov so brilliant is the way he use dialog and narration, rather than action and explosions to tell his stories. If the writers are even half awake and know their Asimov, they can't really fail.

SIX10 says:

Im 16 and absolutely love Asimov. There are definitely some of us young fans out there.

Pengui01 says:

2001: Clark is a terrible writer. He has good ideas, but he really couldn't write, stylistically speaking. His characters are mostly cardboards and actually irrelevant to the major plot. Kubrik elevated 2001 into an experimental movie way beyond anything Clarke could have conceived, even if 2001 is by far his best book, IMO.

James Clow says:

I've gone through all of the books from beginning to the end and it's an absolutely epic story. I'm nowhere near retirement age lol but I would be concerned at the potential trashing of a great story for the sake of appealing to the lowest possible attention span to bring in the $'s, we've all seen it before. It can be done very well or very badly. Just look at IRobot, based on the Asimov Robots, not particularly faithful to the timeline, but faithful in spirit, and it shows and shines through. I think that whoever takes this on will end up having to make some severe adaptations due to the scale and scope of the original, but done well, could be amazing.

Bobson McGregory says:

yeah sure make fun of asimov fans. And old ppl.

the impractical transhumanist says:

I'm excited about having a Foundation movie. Unfortunately #1, it won't be shown in theaters; but, online. Who's going to go see it?

#2, it's being made by Goyer and Friedman. I wasn't impressed by Goyer's Batman and his other movies. I liked the Sarah Terminator chronicles. I liked the 2005 War of the Worlds, up to the point of the son coming up at the end, even though it seemed he almost certainly was killed during a battle between u.s. military and the aliens.

The way I look at it, I'll be happy someone did some kind of Foundation movie. I really think that just having some kind of Foundation movie can't be as bad I Robot. I don't see how they can make a Foundation movie that isn't about science more than anti-science.

I also look at Michael Bay. I hated his transformers movies; but, I love his Island movie. I hope that by being forced to do some kind of pro-rational science movie, they'll be forced to lean in that direction. I certainly hope for little apologetics. On the other hand, the Mule is a kind of apologetics for the Foundation winning, and a literary ploy the keep the series going.

DeSjeft says:

The characters in the books don't have a lot of depth and the story progress is pretty slow. The former is not the focus of the books at all, but it does make it harder to turn it into a tv-series. That's because it's mostly the characters in a tv-show that keeps people watching. I'm curious as to how they are going to tackle that challenge. They do need people to watch/buy the series to make money and I hope that won't have too big of an impact on the quality of the show.

Devin Reese says:

Nah…great stuff int these books for a great adaptation. Dont sell us short.

Devin Reese says:

wait andy inahkto isnt asimov?

channel-X says:

1:33 this guy looks like a clone of Isaac Asimov.

copy paste says:

haha poverty in old age is so funny … such great humor… haha

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