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ARMS Character Smash Bros. Reveal Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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Tim and Blessing watch Mr. Sakurai reveal Min Min to the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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eliot says:

Tim you could make that hair work no joke. You could stand out instead of the millions of other dudes with that basic ass haircut.

Keith Anderson says:

He is a treasure

Trip Andfall says:

Min Min for the win win!

Hakudan2 says:

the energy in this reaction lol

BadFlounder says:

Wait, that is Tim's real hair now? I thought he was wearing a piece during the Star Trek pod as some sort of bit. Well played, sir! That is one unique look! 😂

ThatGuyNorm says:

That hair is a disaster man.

maverick goose says:

Mk 11 has robo. SMash bro’s mim mim

Brandon Soya says:

This is true, about 2 weeks ago I hade a dream about a personified version of Nintendo walking up to Sakurai in a pool telling him to make the new Arms fighter really good so that more people would play the game, now, after watching the reveal I don’t think that was a dream I THINK IM PSYCHIC!!

AstralMuffin105 says:

I'm pumped that it's Min Min. She's my favorite character on the roster, and my main. Even better is that she's dropping on my birthday. Thanks for the birthday gift, Sakurai! Also, Tim is also a June birthday? Hell yeah, man. All the coolest people are born in June.

P GS says:

Big Hair Big Day, love it!! Min Min also looks super cheap so I can Nick maining her.

Minseok Cho says:

As people have said below, I love Tim's curly hair. LET IT BE NATURAL

Umbrella Corporation says:

Wow what's with Tim's Curly hair?? Those curls look amazing.

Suicidal_Hamster32 says:

The thumbnail had me thinkin they got Erik from Comment Etiquette on

CustomAlex says:

Love Tim's hair keep it curly

RogersBase says:

9:44 When the music hits JUUUST right lolol

murphbri says:

Haha, just started the vid and Blessing looks so pissed that he's up early for this reaction. Also, respect to Tim for bringing the big hair energy today.

Manny says:


Plasma Magic User says:

after watching this i finally realize how much i missed ARMS

shadow_the_hobbyist says:

Crash & Shantae for Smash Bros!

Kyle Hiller says:

*tada, or tadashi, in Japanese is similar to 'however.'

Adam Neumann says:

The only thing better than Sakurai's lovable irreverence are Tim's bewildered reactions. Gotta love it.

Cevans1992 says:

Tim you look like lil dicky today

ARMS Study Lab [Tips & Tournaments] says:


Over 1,500 Hours in ARMS, and still going Strong! I love making Tech Videos on the game. Can’t wait for Min Min in Smash!

Kaiheps says:

Sakurai said Min Min is a social distancing character LMAO (Wish they translated it into English Subs)

Mitch G says:

The size of that man's couch tells me he's a lonely man

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