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Armada is Sakurai's HYPE man || Min Min REVEAL REACTION

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Loki says:

Armada you are a loser. LoL

Smash Blade64 says:

Absolutely the opposite of HYPE I have ever seen.

Hoppie426 says:

Min min is one of the most popular arm’s fighters

Kainos Teleos says:

I am still wondering. With that "certain villain" named Springmandoes Sakurai actually mean Springman from the Megaman franchise? It's the only one that comes to mind. But he said Manga and not Videogame… So it's more likely he means Bellamy from One Piece or even Springman from Shonen Jump's Kinnikuman.
But that's just me guessing.

MrAuthor3DS says:

34:07 Oh, that was actually brought up LONG ago. Dataminers even found Final Smash voice lines in the first Smash.

MrAuthor3DS says:

30:55 Paper Mario might also be a little trickier to program in animations. After all, he's not merely a flattened model like Mr. Game & Watch – he's technically a flat 3D object that can fold and crease.

MrAuthor3DS says:

24:25 Alright, the only remaining third-party costumes from For are Lloyd, Gil, Hunter's Mail, Rathalos Armor, Chocobo, and Geno.

MrAuthor3DS says:

21:57 Does anyone making these tier lists ever factor shielding or dodging? Because it often feels like they focus more on combo potential and mobility – you know, that ONE SPECIFIC play style – than anything else.

R@ND0MKiD says:

Bro this dude Armada has barely any reaction to anything 😶 hes so dam weird 😑

MrAuthor3DS says:

3:53 Was I the only one who thought of a student running with a piece of toast in their mouth (since…yeah, he's a college student)?

Char11 says:


Captain Armada

Charity Diary says:

Wish we'd gotten Gruntilda instead. Would honestly take her over Banjo. A female heavy AND a villain? Diverse moveset potential, too, instead of just relying on a gimmicky side-b. Sorry, still salty that they ruined my favorite childhood character with dumb gimmicks.

Yui says:

"Armada is Sakurai's HYPE man" this is the most quiet reaction ive ever seen lol

amiibo King says:

My man legit says nothing in the animation reveal and says "Armada is Sakurais hype man"

Nox' Gil says:

I love this kind of videos from you Armada, but, I think the original video's audio is a too high! I can barely hear your words and what's worse, this time, Sakurai speaks japanese so the audio is of little relevance, also we can go and see the original video but we can't go and see your comments without the audio 🙁

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