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Apple's WWDC 2020: What to expect for iOS14 and everything else

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S Gill says:

More like android. Year after year. Nothing new.

Elliott Thompson says:

How did you get like every feature hahaha

crazycandyedits mint says:

You were close

Crazy And the nerd says:

Anyone else watching wwdc 2020

Neil D'Souza says:

CRAPos Poop Poop

Rohan__ Maharjan says:

Engadget First of all Why were you showing the MAc book Serial Code in this video, you should have blured it.

Jaiden Behr says:

My biggest hope is they merge the IOS and MACOS AppStore

Ivailo Dobrev says:

My biggest hope is that they give us some Apple watch 6 news

Dimi says:

Apple Watch for a kid is a game-changer!

Player Xpro says:

Awesome bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

kagechu2005 - Unofficial Account says:

So I had a WWDC ad before the video…

T Chowdhury says:

my biggest dream, Some day Apple with release a Mac with Windows and iPhone with Android 😛 😛

Rajendra Biswas says:

Apple better launch easier payment methods for apps and iCloud in India . A gift card . And that horrendous “other” storage issue

Harshad Waghmare says:

Only interested in Homescreen Widget

Dom - San Diego says:

Apple to discontinue the iPhone.

The Rhythm Channel says:

The cost?

vinoth kumar says:

What about the HomePod support for Spotify and other 3 rd party apps?

All-E Network says:

Good quality 👌 video love the lightning

Everything Videos says:

I know I'm not the only one who skipped through this whole video.

Ashoka Ranadheer says:

Even if all you said is going to be true. It's still a meh from me.

Sketchmee5 says:

Hope Apple won't tossed any wheels for the new iMac.

Samuel Xie says:

will the apple watch series 6 be released on time?

W ON says:

For the ipados, they should 1) allow you to pin files to the home screen 2) multi-tasking should just be windows format like on a format 3) with the magic keyboard, allow a shortcut to see notifications 4) fix that dam bug that sometimes doesn’t allow the screen to rotate from portrait to landscape and vice versa. Add those and we good.

Ankit Kumar says:

nothing about ipad air4..

Marcus Young says:

They need to make the Apple watch more substantial bigger watch face, circular, a little bulkier


Apple isn’t going to discontinue their MacOS software

staysic says:

When you have to wake up at 6:00 AM but also have to record a video as 5.52 AM

Jamal Yahia says:

He knows he's lying it's going to be boring just like every year

Mark B says:

iPhones look like Android? Yuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!

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