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Apple WWDC 2020: What Hardware to Expect!

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Apple’s WWDC keynote is set to take place on June 22 at 10:00 AM. Although we know that we will be seeing new version of iOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, and tvOS can we expect to see some new hardware out of Apple? Well I think we will, and I think we have a good chance to see a new redesigned iMac, AirTags, Apple Headphones, and a new Apple TV.


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GregsGadgets says:

What hardware do you want to see at WWDC this year?

ashley foster says:

best coast west coast sorry

pro shooters says:

Well? This did not happen

T S says:

This is just speculation on my part, but could it be possible that “iPad pro like design” could mean, and I HOPE, that Apple might finally be releasing its first ever touch/pencil capable screen iMac! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Zak Naz says:

Can’t wait till after wwdc and realise how wrong we all were

ijjysmith says:

Any hope of iPad Air 4?

dat_gye_joe_daddy says:

Beast Coast

60 beats says:

Outstanding, Greg. No fancy intro, no background music, no pop-in, pop-out editing and clear and precise narration. Well done.

John Webb says:

Apple smart eye glasses

MR ELMO31 says:

What time for central time????

Legacy Jeet Kune Do says:

If the east coast is so good, where are your tech companies?

P Lawrence says:

I'm sure for Apple there are many benefits moving to ARM. Very few for the rest of us who recently purchased an x86 pro system.
I suspect we will have the dirty done to us like they did back in 2006.

I understand change and hell, for Apple this will be the fourth architecture change. What I disagree with is being sold systems which now potentially have a half life of a couple of years, maybe 18 months.
In addition, what is Pro today, come early next week will be fodder on eBay.

Rafael Ponce says:

Best coast, east coast 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Drew DeMaio says:

No chin! No chin! No chin!!!! Please!!!!

Balpreet Singh says:

Should I buy the mbp 13 rn or should i wait for another year?

Branislav Micic says:

ARM based 16" MacBook Pro with Mini/Micro LED screen

VirtuaMe says:

Big wish, but I wonder if the new iMac with new display may have an HDMI (IN) port too like the old iMac model, if the new display is a big improvement then we could plug up PS4 & PS5 etc to new iMac too – Here’s hoping lol 🤞

Ruchi Sigtia says:

I would like to see iPad air 4 .

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