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Apple WWDC 2020 Parody (Picture in picture IOS 14 iPadOS handwriting WatchOS MacOS Big Sur app clip)

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I made a parody of the recent wwdc day one 2020 apple event.In this event apple introduced many updates for ios macos watchos car play and more
i also might make a parody on WWDC 2020 day 2
IOS 14
Few tech companies have as much power to change how we communicate as Apple. But this year, Apple showed just how much it has been influenced by one of the leading workplace messaging services.
At the event, Apple introduced new updates to group chats on iMessage, including the option to pin the most important conversations and mention others in group chats, similar to can pin
Apple also took steps to remove some potential headaches for users. Incoming calls will no longer take over your screen on iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone. They will appear as a banner on top of the screen instead.
Picture in Picture allows users to keep watching a video while switching to other applications, such as iMessage. Users can move the video around the screen too, or hide it but continue listening to the audio.
WatchOS hand washing
With WatchOS 7, the Apple Watch offers a hand washing coaching function. It will sense that you’re near a sink by the sound of water and the way your hands are moving, and give you a countdown. If you pause early, it will prompt you to keep washing.
iPadOS Apple Pencil Handwriting Update
There are Apple Pencil upgrades, too. A new feature called Scribble lets you write in text fields (like, say, Safari’s search bar) and your penmanship will automatically be converted to typed text. There’s also assistance for your handwritten notes that ‘fixes’ your drawings into shapes – make a wobbly arrow and iPads will straighten it out for you. There’s also new text recognition features: you can select written words and even copy blocks of them to paste into other apps, where it will be converted to typed text.
Airpods spatial audio and switching devices
The AirPods Pro also get a ‘big if true’ update that simulates directional surround sound using algorithms, audio filters, and tinkered frequencies.
Mac OS Big Sur 10.16
The next macOS update is officially named Big Sur, taking its title from yet another classic California locale. But with the new version comes a bunch of changes. Many of these are interface tweaks, aspiring for more clarity. Windows will use depth, shading, and translucency to convey a hierarchy, which will come to both light and dark modes.
I cant wait for apple WWDC 2020 day 2 i might make a video on that one if it is exciting
About WWDC 2020
Apples WWDC/ Keynote,State of the Union event or just WWDC or WWDC20 or WWDC 2020 i dont really know what to call it. is a Worldwide Developer Conference or Worldwide Developers Conference from apple the creators of iPhone iPad iMac MacBook Apple Watch and Apple TV, their are ios 14 beta’s for software Developers. In WWDC 2020 this year apple talked about their new ways of Privacy Security Engineer and Software. In day 2 it is likely that they will talk about their new Programmer Coder Programming techniques and Swift and SwiftUI also xcode11.Apple will also talk about Augmented Reality otherwise known as AR and apps like ARKit RealityKit Machine Learning Core ML 3 Create ML also apple made changes to Siri WatchOS 6 and TestFlight.
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