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Apple WWDC 2020: MacOS and ARM CPUS for Mac in 9 minutes

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The biggest new out of WWDC is that Apple will be leaving Intel behind and switching it’s laptops and Macs over to it’s own chips. Based on their iPad chips and using the ARM architecture, Apple promises these chips will be faster and more power efficient, without losing compatibility with current programs.

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wonder says:

Why isn’t Jeffrey Epstein behind bars?

mccartyparty25 Preston says:

7:15 What about Netflix

芳雪羽鳥 says:

Notice his gesture when he said "friends" at Microsoft. Lmao.

Mehedi Hasan Tonmoy says:

They say about inventing!!

But me using all of these in my Windows and Linux OS for years😑

Andrew Yu says:

Even Apple is copying Deepin.

Xwipe says:

New Macs are big IPads

Monero Jeanniton says:

Why is this called 'Apple Silicon' but not 'Apple CPU'?

Stefan Andrejevic says:

Will mac finally be able to be considered an "gaming" machine?

Teluric 1 says:

funny this guy when he couldnt unlock iphone x even cleaning his face

Teluric 1 says:

thats a trick there s no available apps from 3rd parties I can make a video that display a bar running a petabyte seg

Elstan McFrolicker says:

We MUST rename "ARM" immediately, because the slavemasters used to chop off the arms of the slaves. This is very offensive to the disenfranchized that don't have to work.

Американский Профессор says:

soooo…. is this the end of hackintosh?

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