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Apple WWDC 2020: iPad OS updates in under 2 minutes

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iPad OS adds big improvements to the Apple Pencil, including handwriting detection and drawing assistance.

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Fan Richnoder says:

apple video reminded me there was old knkire sales on tv video

Kenneth Rosenstroem says:

"We rebuild search from the ground up….." But You never reached hight enough.."()£")*U£**%

The Observer says:

When Apple copies they make it better. When Android copy's they make it worse.

The Observer says:

The fact is Android looks more like iOS than the other way around.

The reality is when Android copy's nobody cares. But when its Apple androiders complain.(A LOT!!)

Brian Tolentino says:

That’s why I don’t update

Frankienoname0 says:

What is the name of the white boarding app that they are using on the iPad?

Total GAMIX says:

Very Impressive

J R says:

Really thankful that iPadOS will run on the iPad Air 2 👍 this is exceptional value

Arunas Dailyde says:

Android fans: is copy!
Me: so copy apple ipad pro 2020 perfomance and i will buy android tablet…

Dr. Alfred Reindorf Malm says:

It's sad apple users are so blind, they don't even know these features long existed on other platforms and they sheepishly hail this as innovative… There must be a method to this madness 🤔

Masterman530 says:

For anyone who got their hopes up about widgets on iPadOS I’m sorry to inform you that Apple apparently dropped the ball on iPadOS. Honestly I don’t understand why they wont let us just choose exactly how our screens are for efficiency. Also there is no app drawer on iPadOS because apple is apple and adding that feature to iPadOS would make a little bit too much sense.

Guess Who says:

Incoming call isn't it from jail break? 😂😂😂

Mitchell Walker says:

Why does this have so little view's?

Anders Estes Jacobsen says:

Apple videos remind me of those old knife salesmen on tvshop

Rafael D says:

Apple fanatics: "WOW, this is so groundbreaking and innovative. Apple has change the game again!!!"

Mr Dunkin says:

Let's Just Copy ANDROID

R.M. Irsan says:

Please just copy android

transpeter97 says:

Everything android has copy and paste huh

Mika Isfake says:

Let's just copy Android

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