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Apple WWDC 2020: iOS 14 Updates in 4 minutes

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Apple unveiled iOS 14 with a host of improvements, including widgets, and “all apps” view, a new translate app, the ability to set new default apps, and more. Apple also debuted App Clips (think Android Instant Apps) that can run without fully installing, and privacy improvements for the app store.

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Alexander leviton says:

App tray, widgets and picture in picture have been stable on Android for years. Glad to see Apple do the same. Unfortunately just listing all of your apps in alphabetical order is something they just don't want to do.

Darlene Franklin says:

I'm getting to the music

Dre says:

OHHH they mean that in 4 mins they’ll mentions all the iOS 14 updates!! HAHAHA I thought they meant iOS 14 will only take 4 minutes to update to/from. OMGGG HAHAHA. I didn’t realise they meant that until I finished watching the video and the realised, wait a second…

Eliza Wilmer says:

When does it come oit

Justin Strong says:

On what level comparable to console graphics do you think iPhone is on? I say this because over the last ten years, we’ve had some amazing console games grace the AppStore, and even Bioshock- however bad it is as an FPS, was a technical marvel.

It seems the only developers to realize iPhone potential now are the big companies like Feral Interactive and Aspyr Media with their console ports.

Ps. Bright memory is another game of high graphics.

xTc says:

Mind blown.

Grill Master Cheese says:

Introducing Android for iPhone

Mark Phils says:


Josh Warren says:

If google translate only had 10 languages oh what they have like 70.

Jose Mendez says:

Apple users! We've been using iOS 14 on our android phones for years now. Glad you guys are finally catching up.

QAnon says:

If it has Covid crap I’ll not be updating

avlxm says:

Should have added the feature of having two screens on at the same time

avlxm says:

Am I the only one who really likes it …

Meir Cohen says:

Welcome to Steve jobs grave yard.

Zig unCut says:

So far so android. Well done.

Ezac says:

This is what happends when u fire intelligent staffs from apple.

cesar sosa says:

i think they have to many old people working there and they never improve they are late on the new thinks to do the phones

cesar sosa says:

hahahah i been doing this whit the jailbreak since iphone 6 😂😂😂 and android always have it jajajaa plz do something great

hanif muttaqin says:

oh thanks. now i can switch back to iphone 🙄

Fahmi Farhan says:

its look like android feature on 2012 😂

Sean Isaacs says:

Wow apple. Your being so innovative. These changes are so innovative. I wish Android would do this… Wait they did. Several years ago.

Nebula ASMR says:

Do I see Porcupine Tree? At least one person on the team has good taste in music 😀

Theodoros Eleftheriou says:

As always Apple does everything better than anybody else.
BB10 introduced gestures, i0S perfected them, Android is still trying
Widgets were always there, clunky and ugly, Apple brought them in their best form.
Copying goes vice versa, only one has the best implementation.

Dhruva Zarapkar says:

Android had these features 7 years ago

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