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Apple WWDC 2020 Event – Everything We Know!

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Apple just announced the date for their annual world wide developers conference also known as WWDC which will take place in a unique online only format on June 22 2020. Here’s what we can expect for software changes to iOS 14, watchOS 7, TVOS, macOS 10.16, and maybe some surprise hardware announcements!

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I am watching this on my I P A.D

Ravage Pirate says:

arm chips should make macs cheaper

Club Linux says:

Hope I will finally be able to set Firefox as the default browser on iOS

DMaster says:

New IPhone 12

Maureen Nicolas says:

Do you know when Apple is rumored to come out with a new iMac?

Netscape Navigator says:


Spp SS says:

I mean it’d take a while before the softwares are all moved to arm platform.

DizFeed says:

What software are you using on the iPad pro during your processor test?

DizFeed says:

super informative and super high quality. thanks!

Alexander Tossel says:

do you think a redesigned iPad Air will be announced on wwdc ?

Václav Květoň says:

Hey, nice video.
Want to ask you.
I want to buy MBP 10th gen 2.0GHz. Should I wait to the september WWDC if Apple will release something or should I buy right now without waiting for any MBP upgrades.?

Colin Hughes says:

I hope Apple improves Voice Control in several keys ways Baking in what some may arguably call mediocrity for free does not do anyone any favours in terms of extending accessibility. It just leads to frustration and disappointment, and holds back education, careers, and online social engagement. More here https://www.aestumanda.com/technology/2020/06/4-ways-apple-can-improve-voice-control/

Ruchi Sigtia says:

What about iPad air 4

Jacob Frank says:

Can blood oxygen levels be an indicator of stress? Very interesting if it could be but I don’t exactly see how those two things correlate.

BossBabyGirl says:

When will apple allow UK for covid tracing because i uploaded the iOS 13 and well covid tracing and it do not work

有機物 says:



MysticZ says:

When is the iPad Air 4 releasing?

theaxess says:

iPad 2020 and iPad Air 2020 will be presented or not?

Paul Cbt says:

Which headphones do you think they will offer in the back to school thing?

Biotuned Music says:

iPad mini Pro?

溝口洸熙 says:

☝️your sense is so good!!

hello I'm a high school students. I watch your channel to get news of apple. your channel is
so useful and so exciting!

Pj _____ says:

When Apple is going to come out with the double screen on the phone like Android phone

Night Crawlers says:

First of all, I want to say this.. I couldn't take my eyes off your T-SHIRT throughout😂

Dukez Venom says:

The ARM transition started years ago when they brought out their first version f project catalyst which even had a different name at the time

sagar mahulkar says:

I'm planning to buy Macbook pro 16 inch in next month, should i wait….?

COD TV says:

Seems like iOS 14 is everything I already have on iOS 13 jailbreak 😂

Yeet of Da 9 Bruhs says:

That School mode would be useful for me- I live in Australia, Victoria, and we can’t wear Apple watches or anything that can get signals out of the classroom, really.

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