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Apple WWDC 2020 Complete Recap

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Apple WWDC 2020 just wrapped up, here are my thoughts.

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Lew Later says:

Watch the show in short clips here – https://youtube.com/laterclips

Nicholas D says:

Yeah Silicon was Last

Scott Sikora says:

I don't really know what i would do without you two… Shout out to Jack where-ever the hell he i also….

TheArKtec says:

In the 30s is not old unless you only feel like that. You create your reality.

Mauro Puchapski says:

Lew its a lie that bad guy cant use iphone on series and movies. Billions series with Paul Giamatti (good guy) and Damian Lewis (bad guy) both uses iphones but fun fact Paul use a white one and Damian use a black one – good vs bad, yin yang thing 😉

Marko says:

Nice Starbucks promo.

kolim jone says:

Twist: Wily Do is the moderator of r/ androidthemes

Siddharth Nair says:

Latest leaks shows that Apple is bundling a 20W charger with their iPhone 12 lineup


Mac>android knowaboutit

Rock girl says:

I love how Willy goes like ahm most of the podcast

Anciil Keesh says:

What I like with iOS 14 is the ability to teach the phone sounds. Perfect to deaf people. Teach the phone the sounds of dogs barking, cats meowing, bell on the door and much more. And it will vibrate. I have a deaf co-worker.He will love this. Facetime already changed his life.

Rui Aguas says:

I think its time for this guy to retire. Getting old. Uncreative opinions. Slow cheap talk in a well spent and built studio like experience.

Hansi Von Grenzfeldt says:

/ one more thing …

bouytt guyt says:

Missed willy du "buyers market" – willy du 2019

Michael Soldate says:

Intel’s most profitable business is in big data and IOT with 67% growth. Apple pays them small margins for their internals. So cutting ties with Apple gives them back their capacity to focus on that market.

Sonny Wolf says:

I don't like Apple products at all, can you tell me why?

Jim Diet says:

The universal translator would be nice. I could see it being very good if you had headphones in and as someone spoke to you in a different language you would hear them in your language.

Ruben Thys says:

The “search” for apps was already long time in iOS. I’m really not waiting on an app-drawer which is used in the exact same way.
On the other hand is the “suggested apps” (which was there as well already!), really handy in real-world imo…

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