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Apple WWDC 2020: CarPlay and HomeKit in under 2 minutes

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Apple introduced new car play features where you can use your iPhone as your key, debuting with BWM, and improvements for HomeKit, especially doorbell and security cameras.

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Tico says:


B007 says:

Apple uses the unreal engine 4 virtual stage to the max!!!

Haphi13 says:

What do you do if the phone dies

神様闇の稲妻 says:

Yawn not impressed

Hiroshi Thai says:

If we have car key, that means we can have door keys for locking and unlocking the door of our house and apartments using iPhone.

Jim Jon says:

Rob McElhenney, from nothing to appearing in apple commercials and shiett!!

DarkSchneider says:

I can't be the only one thinking that many car thieves are thanking Apple for making it even easier to steal Bimmers w/ iPhones. 😌

Swagath Shetty says:

will the mac's become cheaper considering they are not paying intel anymore ???

보보보 says:

Apple & BMW ???

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