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Apple WWDC 2020: AirPods and WatchOS updates in 3 minutes

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At WWDC, Apple announced a host of new updates, including improvements to the AirPods connectivity, spatial audio, and improved sleep tracking and watch faces for the Apple Watch and WatchOS

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Marijn 0202 says:

Did they really just copy the switching to another device from the galaxy buds a few weeks ago………..

SecretOfMonkeyIsland says:

a hand washing timer … seriously, when COVID goes (Eventually hopefully) no one will be bothered with this feature.

imanuel wahyu says:

who the hell wear a watch while sleeping

SDav21 says:

So the apple watch didn't have sleep? Huawei Watch GT always had this. Almost 2 years now.

stuartie101 says:

2:53 Say that again

Lord Deathx says:

More garbage apple products. Same old stuff. Overpriced etc.

Emsye says:

You aren’t actually “playing sounds virtually anywhere in space” the audio is still stereo but processing those extra sound channels with effects in clever ways to roughly simulate what directional audio would sound like but it isn’t true directional audio. I think 3D audio processing is really good especially for VR but calling it directional audio seems misleading to me.

B1G M34TYCL4CK3R5 says:

Here comes Skynet. Genesys. Legion.

Quest 4 Tech says:

Airpods rock!! So do new utubers! Friends 🤗🤗 Quest 4 Tech! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

xxDJmocoxx says:

First.! 🤜🏻🔥❤️

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