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Apple WWDC 2020 – 7 Things to Expect!

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iMac 2020, ARM, iOS 14, macOS 10.16, AirPods Studio, AirTag & more!
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ZONEofTECH says:

What are you excited to see the most? ARM switch for me! And definitely the new iMac! Don't really care about iOS 14 tbh 😂.

RP752000 says:

OH BOY, OH BOY! ! ! ….. I can't wait, this is going to be the best conference ever.

코리아 says:

Not a Hardware….

Fernando Miguel EZ25 says:

you were so wrong ahahhahahhahahahhhhaa

ThE-UnKO-LeMa says:

that awkward moment when Apple don’t release any new hardware at WWDC

Jessie James says:

You want to know why apple is making an arm processor ? They don't like the fact they can not stop you from buying an Intel CPU and upgrading there shitty computer cheaper than they charge you. If it is Arm you can't buy that and you have to use there's.

Chased _Away says:

Bro, they never release stuff for wwdc, it’s always software, not hardware

Jose Casarrubias Ramirez says:

Why did you get off the subject of what to expect at WWDC?

JP Gaming says:

What a lie 😂😂

Peter Wong says:

You lied about the new IMac. We are going to unsubscribe you.

Klemen Hladnik says:

where is now your hardware? this is so poor from you only wet wishes man, get real

Paul Anderson says:

Literally, no hardware at all. – lol Apple trolled all of us.

koppolu steephen says:

Bro what about ipad air 4???

B C says:

New iMac my arse

James Scott says:

What happened to all your hardware predictions, fell on your face…

Ronin Patel says:

POV: You’re watching this after WWDC 2020

dennis williams says:

Useless blog. No iMacs zip nada nothing . You might as well spend all your time hashing over the asteroid coming to obliterate Earth.

Zain Attiq says:

all incorrect no new hardware was announced

Elliot Rowe says:

just finished watching the live show and IOS 14 and Mac silicon looks crazy!

Joseph H. says:

well no new imac

Vinay Kumar Vutukuru says:

Update: no hardware

wali xo says:

The only thing I’m gonna retain from this video is apple charging $1K for that damn dollar store iMac stand 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 yall crazy if you buying that and its not just about the money its more about the principle 🤦🏿‍♂️

Xyooj Vaaj says:

We need MaskID. Face ID don’t work since mask is a requirement where i live because of Coronavirus spiking.

grvty says:

no ipad air 4 😭

Sooo R u sure says:

Oh so no new ipad 😣☹️

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