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Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes

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At WWDC 2019, Apple announced updates headed towards the Apple family of devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac desktops and laptops, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. There’s also the announcement of iOS 13 and the new Mac Pro, a powerful computing device that hasn’t been refreshed since 2013.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2WFmL1v

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nishan tapu says:

Woo woo wooooooooo

E M says:

Presenter: i shat my pants
Crowd: wohoo hoooo

Mikołaj Bądzielewski says:

Siajomi lepsze

Oneofthesedays says:

Hahaha what a joke apple has become

Bizolekhulu Mkhwanazi says:

The thing with Apple is, not WHEN they do it, it’s the HOW they do it…

Electrio Cyan says:

Well I have to say to u Android fans i know apple is just doing what they already have done but we r excited because apple is good but now they r becoming perfect. Android is the worst thing ever apple is just perfecting what android did wrong so pls just keep quiet

Florian Pompowski says:

every single thing they say is on android already

Kwan Linus says:

10:50 All of us is waiting for this

Neviouz Gaming says:

Il stick to huawei

Ahmed Hassan says:

I love how apple is so powerful that it makes android lovers bark like dogs all over the internet and youtube trying so hard to spread the " I hate apple" thing. that alone tells you how great apple products are.

vminivan says:

Apple 2019: Look! We've made lots of improved and new features! We're totally nailing it!
Google 2019: yall hear sumn?

Pantsmode says:

They legit ripped off IFTTT and the Blur add-on, and called it a day. smh

Martin S says:

Nice now can we remove the headphone jack, make a phone screen that’s bigger but shittier, make a tablet that can easily bend, charge $1000 for a computer stand, have batteries that descend in capacity within 3 weeks of using your phone regularly, and sell wireless earbuds that can easily be stepped on, lost, and or crushed 😎

Ján Lesko says:


2019 WWDC: "Are you serious?????"

Johnathan Sanchez says:

Apple is finally catching up!!

eytann says:

9:13 amazing !

Michelle w. says:

Yesterdays was about evolution.
Nowadays: faster, prettier and cheaper … I mean higher prices.

Steve we miss you! Why didnt’t you write future letters to the ceo 😞

TraxByFrax says:

the sign in with apple thing is pretty damn cool…. but everything else is just so damn boring cuz its already made and some of it has been out in years for other softwares

Moira Rose says:

Thank you for taking the time to compress this 2 hour video down to 13 mins. Got everything I came here for. 😀

arturoperezify says:

Its kinda cool seeing what the bethesda crowd was doing before e3.

Kelik Pelipur says:

Can't stop laugh when sync lyrics and dark mode comes out as new innovation, surprise audience claps like something woooooow😂😂😂

Jean Paul Bernardeau says:


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