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Apple September 2020 Event Confirmed! Everything you need to know

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This week’s episode is all about a breakdown of the September 15th announcement, where we should expect a brand new iPad Air and two new Apple Watches!

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Barry Manilowa says:

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple slowly sunsets the MacBook line and replaces it with more powerful and versatile iPads, or some MacBook/iPad hybrid.

莊竣凱 says:

Hi,I like your watch face in the this video cover, Can I ask this watch face is from watchos 7 only?

Philip Powers says:

Will the price on the Ipad pro 2018 drop as a reaction to the release of these new Ipads?

Runumi Taloh says:

What about the base iPad?

Axel - Roblox says:

We have 1 more thing! It’s called- it’s called goodbye!

Craig Cruden says:

Although I put no stock on AppleS***'s made up leak on reddit…. I do think there is a reasonably chance they could demonstrate at least one new Mac as part of it. On average the OS final release is done near the end of September or very early October…. which means it is within 2 to 3 weeks of the final OS release (on average)… and releasing at least one Mac for the new Architecture is within the possibility so that the rest of the developers who did not rent a DTK… can start migrating.

Goncas says:

What about iPad 8 Gen (2020) ??
Shouldn´t we expect the release on 15 september?

Chris Gavouras says:

Is there not gonna be a 2020 entry level iPad?

Mujtaba Khan says:

I doubt an iPad Air will be revealed unless it’s a minor update on the processor side from A12 to A12X which doesn’t make sense since rumours say it will have an A14 or A13 which are faster than the A12Z in the Pro so an update for the Pro before a new Air would make more sense from a business perspective as Apple can make more money selling the faster and more powerful Pro as a faster product for more instead of having an Air that is in essence better value for money than a less powerful Pro

Anthony Sandoval says:

They can announce it just wait longer for pre orders

Lopeo2324 says:

I can’t wait to see the tweets of people complaining about this junk of event. I hope Apple starts firing the guy that though that this would be a good idea.

Allan Clark says:

Great speaking voice, Miles. 9to5mac has some hits and misses, but Miles' voice is consistent and clear. Well done.


Does this guy looks like young Chadwick Boseman or is it just me who thinks so?

Neil Martin says:

Great video, strange use of A.K.A

nick hill says:

When I saw the thumbnail, I immediately thought Youtube is recommending really old MKBHD's video!

Cryptic Youth says:

Cool video of Miles and super interesting voice. Keep them coming please!

Vedang Shinde says:

If this air buddy gets usb port
Believe me i am ready to spend more than my mac to get this

nitish george says:

It doesn't mean apple will not announce all the product's and why would they waste their money on another event for the rest of the device's 😑

Ilham Alwi says:

I'm sick of waiting for the new ipad air 2020 😑😑😑

Mangua says:

Guys your comments! he’s Miles NOT another black guy for you to compare to in the world of tech! FFS! 🤦🏾‍♂️

Vikrant Koushik says:

My Every Morning Start with Tech videos regarding Mac & OSX (IST +5:30), Young Tech enthusiast. But due to lack of money, I can't buy anything more than base Mac Mini (which costs ₹1.04Lakh ~ $1349). If anyone assist me by giving away your any Old Mac (Mini Mac, or even the Old Trashcan), that would change my Life by helping to achieve my Goals.
Love from India 🇮🇳

Corey Schmitz says:

Good looking new guy 🙃

L. Stephen Alston says:

Impressive delivery Miles Sommerville! You should be a professional speaker.

TitanLlama Gaming says:

What about if you put a case on the new iPad Air? 😂🤦‍♂️

TSM Ace says:

2 hours for apple watch series 6 with just a few improvements and ipad air with an already known design is too much in my opinion. there has to be something else…

Brent Smithline says:

Port on all NEW products should be USB4 and Thunderbolt 4….

DEVILGunn says:

Ipad 8 anyone???

Darth Yautja says:

I just want a mac mini with a discrete graphics card and being able to install your own RAM like previous generations.

Tråvvú says:

Fantastic balance of technical delivery, tone and personality. Go Miles! 🙌

SoftwareManiacLSM says:

where did you get that crazy desk lamp???

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