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Apple iOS 14 & WWDC keynote event in under 15 minutes

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Watch everything Apple just announced at its WWDC including iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur, TVOS 14, Apple Watch OS and more!

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S A says:

but can you connect two AirPods to a iPhone??

Mag Magnet says:

This feels like Black Mirror tho…..

Mag Magnet says:

0:08 who is this guy and why is he so hot LMFAO

Indominus Rex Gen 2 says:

who’s using iOS 14 beta

The house Of gaming says:

Ios14 is awesome finally I can see my clock, the meteo end the battery directly in my Home Screen thanks god❤️

Jan Richter says:

Gang of creeps

Gavin O'Neill says:

Jailbreak features but so much worse

The Home Diner says:


starwars1744 says:

I love how Android has had these features for years and Apple is only now getting into this software option(s).

gtrmusic69 says:

Apple needs to:
1. redesign the notification center. It's ridiculous.
2. add haptic feedback to the keyboard, and better yet, make it possible to customize different intensities to your heart's content.
Those who are concerned with battery can just turn it off.
3. make it possible to adjust volume for independent apps/settings and not this general thing they're doing, forcing you to do it while the thing is being played, such as separate volume control for keyboard volume, music volume, ring volume, system volume…hey…much like Android.
4. add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number. Common now Apple.
5. make it possible to customize the texting app in every conceivable way. Font size, bubble size shape color.
6. make it possible to schedule a message to be sent at a certain time/date.
7. make it possible to move the icons anywhere you want to.
8. make it possible to stitch screen shots right there as you're taking them.
9. Use an OS-wide clipboard.
10. Give us an option to NOT go to the next email but back to inbox after deleting an email.

Josue166 says:

Wow welcome to Android 2017

Byro Gaming says:

8:08 Hero By Weezer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Liam Taylor says:

Welcome to 2012 apple

su se says:

What would Steve jobs say? Would he agree?

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