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Angry Man Humiliates Uber Driver. Driver Teaches Him a Lesson (2020)

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Uber Driver Teaches a Life Lesson

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Zoe Adora says:

I'm slowly learning this, Slowly removing the toxic part of me and ignoring the toxic people around me. It's hard tho, but at least I'm still trying

Dark Shadow’s Studios says:

This channel is therapeutic.

Rex Lucem says:

Prince Ea is my inspiration, I also make motivation videos but his way is incoparable.

hell na says:

Is it me or prince ea make us litteraly us a bad person
Everybody : I feel like we are the bad guys here

Som Pathak says:

Gandhian views- ahimsa

Mosjti_fin says:

this is deep bro

1million subs with 0 videos challenge says:

I hope you know I learn a lot from this

Toxic John says:

Garbage truck runs me over* dies

Around World says:

In india if we wave any angry person they start to fight 😑

kariim Mohamud says:

Please talk about religions and hate

vcx says:

Lesson learnt : dont take out your anger on others

ReadTheComic says:

Not sure how much I like this message. Not a fan of people walking all over me. :/

Tepy Bona says:

So true. We not only have seen and dumped garbage truck from other, we also have been the garbage truck ourselves without intention. It's up to us to choose how to respond to those garbage truck. Truth always hurt.

RAE handsome says:

The lesson that i learn is to forgive

Charles Devine says:

This channel is literal garage lmao

SANTSU says:

like a virus

Benjamin Solca says:

Need help: When some of your friends or family member are talking sh** about other people, I'm not interested on it but I don't have any reaction (no wave, no smile, just nothing) and I feel it's weird. How do you react face to this situation?

Alonzo says:

For the record I believe this is fake, but is still a message that has to get around.

Marzook islam says:

this is a good video very good

Gage Shafer says:

This dude is amazing he has taught me so much

Tobile Ndebele says:

Let's be honest…prince ea copied this one💔


Garbage trucks disliked this video.

NicksoloRoblox says:

Anger is contagious – Prince Ea

Bill Knows says:

I think you should do a video about how video games don't cause violence
And how they actually let us see the world from a different point of view

No_name_Hi says:

Always thought like this just didnt know how to put it. And this helos and helps me even see more thank you

Viviioo Shawn says:

Wonder why people disliked this

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