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All Minecraft Update Trailer Animation 2020

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All Minecraft update trailer animations in 2020
0:00 – Minecraft Village&Pillage
0:53 – Minecraft Village&Pillage: A Wanderous Journey
2:39 – Minecraft Buzzy Bees
4:09 – Minecraft Nether Update

I don’t own any of the video that is shown, this is just a compilation of the Minecraft update animations.

Minecraft official Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamMojang


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Ali Mohamed says:

villagers is noob

Ali Mohamed says:


Jacky says:

wandering travelers are cowards they just use invisibility potions at night xd

Jairuz Kyle Belza says:

0:45 the cleric???it is a blue redstone???

nezer pro says:


KlikBotFan 90000 says:

i miss 1.10

noeltlalka says:

Am I the only one who never kills Traders??

뽹뽹 says:

군대영장 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
꿀벌영장 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

brazilian gamer says:

The bees looks soo cute!

KnowthatVietKid says:

My fav was village and pillage update

wait Wut says:

5:17 Advancement Made! Now that’s a lot of mobs.

Aayan Hammad tube review says:

I wish mincraft was this beautiful and smooth but no

Sam the roblox video maker says:

i wonder when this game will release

Eduardo Reyes says:

in the nether trailer the second time they went to the nether in the first scene they and diamonds swords but in the second they had iron swords

X Gaming says:

0:45 I see blue redstone

Yvette Murdock says:

Whats annoying about wondering traders is that they spawn when you build a house or something

Peter ABDO says:

Minecraft has bad updates

ValerowkaYT says:

5:14 Holy…

funtime foxy 130 says:

Ok you see this but when go to the rill mincraft you like BRUH

Tsunami says:

The only good trades a wandering tader has in my opinion are dyes & the nautilus shell to make conduits.

wali murian says:

What the heck!!!!!
Its a barebones

Moop P says:

nether update trailer at the end : SO MANY MOBS!

Chris akhir Alaya-ay says:

There's a bluestone in village&pillage

Ireneo Pilipiña says:

Villager hahaha 😂😂😂😂

nia Suid says:

Nice Minecraft Villager & Pillager 😀

Supreet Kaur says:

Where's the ender update ?

Jonuxzas says:

Why can't Minecraft worlds generate like that?

FantasticMarioBros says:

I hate the nether

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