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ALL BANNER REVEALS (Including Min Min) – Smash Ultimate Everyone is Here !

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Min Min (ミェンミェン, Min Min) is a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the seventh downloadable fighter and the first as part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. An ARMS character was announced to be playable as part of Challenger Pack 6 on March 26th, 2020 during a Nintendo Direct Mini. However, it was not revealed that it would be Min Min until June 22nd, 2020 during a Mr. Sakurai Presents. Min Min will be released on June 29th, 2020, and is classified as Fighter # 76.

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Mega Man X SSBU says:

Mario: group photo!
Link: hyah
Pokémon trainer: cool!
Min min: nice!
Marth and lucina: alright!
Sans and cuphead: can we join?
Mario: no you guys don't belong here

kaloz 375 says:

I hope tails get chance to get ssbu

Rick Raimundez says:

New character shadow

風来のロクジハン says:


RetroNintendo | Aides says:

I got a banner poster for my birthday and it was awesome, one of my favorite presents I've gotten. I have the version that goes up to Piranha Plant but for some reason, my favorite character Lucario was just not there at all. I rewatched this video to see what was going on but the people who made the poster completely forgot about him even though he was in the video in the version of the poster I have. Kind of annoying but not enough to ruin the present for me.

おいオイ says:


矢竹しおり says:


Family Jacobs says:

Guys it feels like everyone is after wario and king Dee dee dee

Moises Alvarado says:

I predicted that Min Min from ARMS would get into Super Smash Bros Ultimate and I'm so happy that I was right

宮崎正樹 says:


Sequel Uncut! says:

Luma, what's the source of this? Can u give me a link?

Parker Logan says:

You wasted 2:48 minutes grrrrrrrr

Edit:no hate tbh no 🧢

Wobuffet3 says:

Where do you get these? I haven't seen any since the Ken/Incineroar trailer.

RA1DEN says:

this "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOM" sound is like an airplane taking off

Yoshidex 64 says:

Alright! C'mon! Waluigi fits great somewhere in there! He's thin! He can be next to his brother Wario!

Hima Draws says:

Anatomy of ARMS characters arm 🦴

ドラえもんハンド says:


Sabrina Napoles says:

Yay from max and Natalia Reyes

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