Adults Play Spin The Bottle For The First Time

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“I was never cool enough to play…”

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D1ANY says:

na honkshi karin

Lainey Calvert says:

I'm hoping they aren't all straight cause that's awkward

karen robinson says:

I would Loveeee to play spin the bottle with a bunch of Sexy Latina's. I'd probably do more than Just kiss… I think it should be all kinds of random things.

Maria Franco says:

Maybe next time try playing seven minutes in heaven and make it more interesting 😉

Aleyna Demirkilic says:

It's scarier when you actually know the people playing.

Light skin Joker says:

HIV in a circle

wakeshma33 says:

I’m supposed to play this at camp this year and I’m really nervous😅

Nobody special Nobody special says:

I wanna play this sometime but I don’t have any friends lol

Lindstheteacher says:

If I played this, I would get my first kiss. I’m an adult by the way.

pete5668 says:

I wouldn’t kiss a guy. I would kiss the girl to his left or right. I’m straight as an arrow.

Sonia Rana says:

Ok, so i was the only one to notice that the guy with the specs was in for a smooch and not a kiss… I mean, you could tell by seeing the way he opened half of his mouth everytime he kissed someone 🌚

oh no it's adrian says:

i played spin the bottle on wednesday, i didnt kiss anyone on the lips because my best friend was there and me and him used to date. but were playing again on monday and hes not gonna be there so im thinking about kissing lips…

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