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Actors You Wouldn't Believe Smoke In Real Life

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Actors You Wouldn’t Believe Smoke In Real Life.
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The truth about the effects of cigarette smoking has been clear for decades — it’s really, really, bad for you. With Hollywood being the home of the juice cleanse, and with celebs constantly sounding off about their healthy habits, it’s surprising a number of them just can’t — or won’t — kick the cig-habit. Check out who in Hollywood is still lighting up.

Hayden Panettiere | 0:21
Keira Knightley | 0:55
Kate Winslet | 1:18
Elijah Wood | 1:53
Gwyneth Paltrow | 2:23
Kit Harington | 2:46
Katie Holmes | 3:13
Jessica Alba | 3:36
Dakota Johnson | 4:01
Daniel Radcliffe | 4:32

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michael rogers says:

Kira knightly is legit my fav actress and hottie and what kind does she smoke tho?

Sajeel Anjum says:

Oh no they smoke

Matt Slivar says:

Elijah Wood dosen't smoke anymore

Razan Neidig says:

Wow Jessica Alba?

What Now says:

Never heard of any of these people. Smoke them if you have them. It's a free country for as long as you can keep it.

Tyree Hilliard says:

Y’all smoking in 2020 🤔

TheZoneRanger says:

Its funny to me that harry potter fucks with tobacco

Vinumi Samaranayake says:

I still think they should stop even though it's their choice their going to ruin their looks

Gublicity says:

Look, tobbaco (if you roll own) is considered pleasant and in fact can rarely cause cancer. Purchasing them is different because they are laced with a chemical called Nicotine which is addictive and when burned causes tar and carbon monoxide.

Mark Leopard says:

Keira knightly doesnt surprise me she smoked in every movie

Vic M. says:

You have been deceived tobacco does not cause cancer . Educate yourself on the real tobacco health benefits . Many celebrities secretly smoke. Don't tell the brainwashed peasants or they will come after us.

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