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actors who don't know how to smoke

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i just dont wanna look fake
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Massi Mant says:

Pewds named his dog after you Sven

Laff Therapy says:

Looks like someone got the Looks AND the talent in the family….. But Sven is still hanging in there and you gotta respect it

Luca says:

The AK doesn’t have a grip

Alisa Ritter says:

Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Also, I want to be Youtube friends

Nia says:

See. Now I’m not gay. However 0:02

Elisabeth Carlin says:

sven lookin good in this one boys

červenáček says:

I just noticed that there's smoke photoshopped in the thumbnail… Beautiful

Justin X says:

Sven looks hot in this one 😀

South Empire Productions says:

This is gold

shuttlechief says:

The torch bit caught me, that was good

Sarah GH says:

I was crying my eyes out. I don't know if it made it funnier, but as a smoker (trying to quit. Yes I know it's bad) that shit was hilarious

Mia Joelia says:

He’s so handsome. The video was good too

Jay says:

Well I just watched this all of this man's videos and I need more

MM says:

This made me want a cigarette. And I don’t even smoke. These new nicotine ads are dangerous

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