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Actors That Make Cigarette Smoking Look Cool – Part 2

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So you started smoking after watching part 1 of “Actors That Make Cigarette Smoking Look Cool” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1CVXfmUqpM

The second part in this awesome series is made for anyone that wants to fine tune their smoking skill to perfection.

The people have spoken and this is their smoking heroes.

PART 1 – https://youtu.be/S1CVXfmUqpM
PART 3 – https://youtu.be/qiVyvT9p0ho
PART 4 – https://youtu.be/0yzl1CI3u7o


Brandon Rickborn / Pony Express Yourself says:

It does look cool. I'd love to do it but hate the smell and health issues.

Kevin Randall says:

All I have to say is good job, you literally picked my favorite fucking movies/shows! No wonder why I smoke lol.

EpicVideo says:

+ Daniel Craig in Knives Out

M. K. says:

De niro babaaaaaaa

James Michael says:

This video is for smokers so they can feel better about themselves


clint Eastwood is the best

Cosmic Activity says:

Tommy, who lights a cigarette every 5 minutes

Zaid AliDad says:

Where is Johnny Depp?

dot dot dot says:

I Shure do hope Norman Reedus in in here

Mustafa Quazi says:

Where is Constantine ???

Surya R says:

Pacino, Cillian, Robert, Brad🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anirban Haldar says:

Hay, where is Antonio ha!! 😡😡


Where is John travolta……. Broken arrow 1996

The Brave One says:

Where's 2Pac?

Mareena Francis says:

Forgot Charlie Chaplin

chilled vibes says:

Clint Eastwood was literally why i started smoking.

Chris Suis says:

I'm 16 and I start smoking since 12 I smoked like more than 1000 pack already it's a true story and I still can't stop

Sim Alvin says:

For a woman outside is cool. Inside is hot.

Alex Delacruz says:

Some of them are not really smoking though.

Santeri Saarinen says:

How 'bout Mad Men and House of Cards?

Legend Gaming says:

Hookah is the best for mw

leidens allergic to avacados says:

I don't know about cool, but Chandler makes smoking look attractive

The Flying Dutchman says:

The coolest style of smoking in movie and film history is Johnny Sac on the The Sopranos

Harsh Raghav says:


Son Rayzer says:

Roll on the day that smoking is gone from existence. It has been widely known as healthy now for 60 years. Zero benefits, one major drawback; It kills you. Shouldn't be on TV at all.

Manifest Echo says:

I'm trying to quit smoking and its been 1 month since i've smoked for the last time.

I don't what the hell i 'm doing here

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