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Today we will be playing on the PTS to try out the new Merlin skin, Aang from Avatar! What should I play/do next? Remember to subscribe!
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JV says:

bruh the mario kart music lmao

Zaanse_Mayo says:

These fighting animations are some of the most underwhelming things I've ever seen

Chue Lee says:

does any body know what season pass is this n how many there were in total

Real Drum Atha Tutorial says:

Aang running around throwing rasenshuriken

RyeSeaBre says:

Why can he choosebetween wind fire and water only where the hell is earth

john mako says:

Wuts the name of the music in the intro

Funny Albania says:

Wtf is this game leauge of legneds 3d person

divers says:

smite its lol in 3d xd

Brian Hallmond says:

I noticed this game because of Avataar and got excited. But it just looks like a Clustfeck.

Noah Clarke says:

How do u get gems?

Letz Play Levi ! says:

I thought it was aang not a skin 😑

Jacob Wiggins says:

Your playing with we3ken

ViciousKiwi says:


Ana Aguero Carpio says:


Srpski maper says:

But its cool

Srpski maper says:

Um the avatar isnt always in the avatar state

Alexander H says:

How much money did this cost? Not gems 💎 how much did u spend in cash for this?

Monkey Splat says:

Is the avatar battle pass,out,yet?

Airik Erik says:

You need more practice with Merlin bro. Ill give you my build lol.

SubSnipe 21 says:

The Arachne was Weak3n lol

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