5 Gen Chases in Red Ranks – Dead by Daylight

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5 Gen Chases in Red Ranks –

In today’s Dead by Daylight video I attempted to go for the longest loop attempts I possibly could, bare in mind this is pretty hard because the killers can just stop chasing me at any time lmao, hope you enjoy!

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Dead by daylight (DBD), an asymmetrical horror game, I play at rank 1 with builds such as the solo getaway build or the impossible to hook me build, to juke killers at rank 1, I love to run killers for 5 gens at rank 1 and do challenges at rank 1, like no pallets at rank 1, how to pip in rank 1 is good too. Dead by daylight has some toxic survivors and toxic killers who run meta builds to gain an advantage, I like to play with fun builds and less op addons, op perks or op builds. Like the all seeing eyes build, the efficient survivor build, the instant heal tank build, the most underrated perks in the game and infinite sprint burst and head on, builds like the vault speed build to avoid dedicated servers or bad hitboxes on windows and pallets. Gen rushing builds and Meta Builds, Builds to counter killers, Looping builds and more. I use inspiration for some of my videos from other players like The JRM with his .exe videos and Otzdarva with his win streaks, No0b3 with his once upon a toxic series and Ayrun with the vault speed build. I usually play with Feng Min or Claudette Morel.

Rank reset is always scary, rank 20 vs rank 1 with brand new parts and flashlights. I always upload the new chapter, new survivor and new killer when it comes out with the new update. I love using techs like the dumb tech, ayrun tech, cj tech, locker tech, enjoy the video!

I lost a bet so this is my description now.

Thank you guys for watching 🙂



fubs says:

intro edit: i meant before the end of 2021 lmao

Siavash Hatef says:

Saddest gameplay of the week

Random person says:

Aw man that bubba tho, I love good people like this he had me kinda emotional he was so nice STILL not getting his kill even though fubs wanted, fubs was so nice and generous to him too^^both good people

Aldrin Kar says:

Damn ninjas cutting onions in the first game. Still that was a better story than twilight.

rl CTG says:

so underrated

Gaming Legend says:

The jitters on console are really annoying. Dead hard on console and the game jitters and the dead hard goes nowhere. Devs needa fix it it’s starting to get annoying

MattTheGamer says:

You know your an elite player when the killer runs away from you

Daniel Usmany says:

I went from “Yea fuck that bubba I bet he camps hook and doesn’t leave at all” To “damn this shit waaay too sad”

Spiegs818 says:

You made bubba so sad =(

BroBot_ says:

i love bubba (no homo)

Brandon Lovell-Shaw says:

Fubs is Bald

Olek Jonjongot says:

bro i felt so sad for the bubba

Quentin Wren says:

I had my first 4 gen chase the other day, it was thanks to you and Probzz

جون سنو says:

i legit started crying at the first game, bubba was so cute and the way he looked down when u died fubs ;(

Nicane says:

Is sad that people underestimate Bubba but is true, most bubba players are Brain desd, but when good players use boob he is insane, especially with bamboozle

F4snipes says:

Yo I just went agains you as a blight on dead dog saloon. Lmao I was having an awful game but yeah.

jason cacace says:

When you run on that van look all the way up and you can see the killers light underneath

double shot says:

Why was this sad like I’m so sad now poor bubba

JakeWizard says:

12:02 how was that a slow vault?

Tatertwat says:

Today I ran into a hag who face camped me for 4 gens 🙂

Felizya Desjarlais says:

I wish that bubba looked back at the very end

Dire Sympul says:

Anyone one else show down frame by frame to see that #bubbalivesmatter message?

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