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40 Things Added in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update

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Minecraft 1.16 Update: These are 40 things added in the 1.16 nether update. New features such as new armor and tools were added! New biomes such as soul sand valley, warped forest & more! New items and blocks such as blue fire, soul torches and lanterns were added! Leave a “LIKE” Rating for more Minecraft 1.16 videos!

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Peppzzii says:

I can't wait for this update! 😍

Kyoka Jirou says:

Diamond will always be the best in my heart ❤️

Maliyah Sydnor says:

Me : Havent played minecraft in 5 mothens

Also me: logins in Oh a new up date : sees video It came out 4 mothens ago!!!!

LA queen says:

You forgot about crying obsidian

Erica Gutierrez says:

No one: enderman at the start: insert enderman staring

Seth McFadden says:

Like I said on the 100 facts I said I will have it tomorrow

roweda escueta says:

Nice update. I had it installed

Gacha Keariø says:

I just got this update! It's so new, I needed info

IWillEatAllUrCHIPS OOF says:

It is June 2020 and I hope that when I play minecraft, I can see all those updates

Goto Riba says:

Happened to me my Minecraft change

Ameer Qtaishat says:

you can use the smithing tool too

jayden ling Ling says:

I think the new 1.26 uptade is ender tools

•Yellow Rose• Gacha says:

It make me sad that if Minecraft is still around for future generations they won’t say
“Omg it’s diamonds” probably just
“Oh it’s just diamonds”😢😢

Starlily06 says:

Me: Hey there’s new armor in the new update
My cousin: So there’s only one thing in the update? Wow such a good update!
Me: Haha, that’s only the beginning

Eurie Bartolome says:

You can uodate niw

The man behind the slaughter says:

Great. Now I have to bring my OP diamond pickaxe to the nether and can’t be a baby about not bringing it 👁👄👁


I have this already xD

Treyson J2338 says:

I have got updates

Mad Law says:

I got the Nether update on my tablet. Was not sure I was going to.

Cc_ Jimin says:

Diamond: I’m the best Ore.
Netherite: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

Daniel Rodriguez Macip says:

it updated on my xbox one 6/23/2020

ItzBlanmestID Gaming 565 YT says:

Minecraft 1.16 official release yesterday!!

Fluffy Marshmallow says:

I update came out today and I am so excited, I played it for hours today and I will continue to play more 😀 Loved your video by the way

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