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4 Days Since A Head On Collision And Michelle's Doing What?!

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We made it to MOAB to the Easter Jeep Safari! First time we’ve been to this event and Day 1 proved to be one for the books! Michelle was in a serious head-on collision just days before and decided it was time to rock crawl in the old FJ45. Check it out!
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_Tim_ __ says:

Michelle kicks ass driving! She just doesn't like being a spotter, which to be fair is quite a bit of responsibility if something breaks, since the driver can at least say "well you told me to do that". Anyhoo, you guys rock.

Ma and Paws FJ says:

Your a rock star Michelle

James Smelcer says:

What a great video guys and girls! You were awesome Michelle, very smooth! Looks like a great time was had by all! Thank you all for sharing everyone. Please stay safe everyone! Jim

Cliff Cross says:

Hey Paul I saw that rock jump up and trip you , just before Michel's second obstacle. Love your channel

Lives on a farm says:

No seat belt on the interstate for Paul 4 days after Michelle's wreck where she said how important they are??

Michael Huven says:

What tough person she is and it looked like fun!!!

John McMickle says:

I notice she is not wearing the shoulder harness. That might not be a good idea. A little discomfort is worth it to avoid a lot of pain.

Chris Williams says:

Nicely done! Loved the music tracks. Your style is much different than Bleep'n Jeep but I like it!

KRIEGER69 says:

Good family fun..great job driving Michelle..

Hurlburt FamCamp says:

12;59. Just when I thought I could never love your beautiful bride more Paul, Michelle is absolutely adorable!! Great vid, and don’t worry, you have plenty of time to get better at building, I’m sure she will test drive them for you! Awesome y’all!

Ken Oliver says:

Good job Michelle

Ray Martin says:

Ok, Matt and Paul when are the ladies getting there own Crawlers?

Kickinpony.66 says:

@3:58… Love that bridge! So, @10:44 when you're explaining to Michelle "How you drive a Rock Crawler"… How does Rory Irish drive Trail-Mater, since he's got 3 pedals??? (Gas, Brake and Clutch) 😉😉 @12:08… Michelle did an AWESOME JOB!!! @13:06… her hair looks fabulous!

peter shimm says:

Great job Michelle!!!!!

Kerry O'Connell says:

Awesome job Michelle!!!! I've noticed that the CJ really doesn't struggle much. I attribute that to the great build and also the great driving skills.

Jen Baker says:

I stopped by the house and garage the other day and I guess you were off having fun!!

Nathan Potter says:

Can fab rats get 1m subs they deserve it. What channel out there does what Paul and his fam can do. Let’s go!!!!!

itizme_ca says:

I think it's important for the men to just fess up and let the ladies know they are in all reality better crawlers, no testosterone required.

Minion Moto says:

luckily for me working at my ford dealership, i get Bronco's in with off road parts on them and we have some minor rocks we park them on so i do a little crawling at work for a few seconds.

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