29 Things You Missed™ in The Conjuring (2013)

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Learn all the secrets of the house in The Conjuring, it’s long list of inhabitants and other hidden details in the movie!
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EVIL LOVES INNOCENCE. The Conjuring is the terrifying tale of one family’s experience in a supposedly haunted Rhode Island farmhouse. The events are based on the case files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine, but also contains references to experiences mentioned in Andrea Perron’s book trilogy, House of Darkness House of Light.

In this video I’ll be breaking down all of the references in the movie and how they were inspired by the Perron family’s supposed experiences.

I’ll also be looking at the in-universe connection between Bathsheba the witch and Annabelle, hidden cameo appearances, and other disturbing Conjurverse secrets. I’ll also analyze how the Conjuring follows the tropes of director James Wan, as seen in Saw, Dead Silence and Insidious.

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–About The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It–
Ed and Lorraine Warren return to investigate a case in the 1980s. A terrifying case of murder and a mysterious evil presence shakes even the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, however very seasoned. In this case from their secret files, Ed and Lorrain start by fighting to protect the soul of a little boy, then switch to a radically unknown world. It is the first time in the history of the United States that a man suspected of murder has pleaded demonic possession as a line of defense. In theaters June 4, 2021!

–About Things You Missed–
These videos point out some of the little details you may have missed in your favorite horror franchises as I analyze their meaning and why they are noteworthy. I’ll breakdown every small detail, easter egg, reference, connection, motif, cameo, callback and homage that I can find! Typically, I’ll cover Things You Missed in horror movies, and Things You Missed in horror film trailers.

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This video is not sponsored. Edited by Andrew Botz-Zapp (@Claude Gnome).



xXBlood Husky WolfXx says:

I believe in paranormal, paranormal activity, and you can believe what you want.
As I've been scrolling through the comments which have been saying the real Lorraine vs Lorraine in the film are diffrent people, I'm not sure weather to believe That or not.
I'm not saying you're not right, neither wrong, but you are forgetting that she had ''a peice taken out of her each investigation/ ritual' ' (semi-quote from Ed Warren in the first Conjuring, as he was talking to the Farther of the family they we' re staying with for the investigation) so maybe Lorraine had gotten a peice out of her, and the Devil taking a part of her personality (if she was a more nicer person before she started paranormal investigations).

This is JUST a theory!
Personally, I think (movie or real life), I think she was just an old lady who loved her Husband and enjoyed her job.

CRAZY thing also!
She died 6 DAYS after my 10th Birthday OwO.
(in 2019)

Also saying this isn't real/ none of this happened (if anyone thinks that) compared to the Conjuring films, I find that disrespectful as to the Warren's now passed away.

And of course, the film had to either take tiny minimum things out from what actually happened, or add a few things into the films, if you understand.

Number 3 was intense, ngl.
The fact that he was practically possesed and killed someone he was drinking with-

I reccon he's alive now, though would be in his 70s/80s. I'm not sure.

Anybody who has experienced possessions, murders, doors slamming on their own, I hope you are okay, so are you're family =)


If you move into a house and you 're dog refuses to come in, or attempts to stay away/ not go inside of the house, it's most likely there are spirits or an entity. Just staying.

Remember, some animals, including dogs, can see things we can not. Same as Lorraine W I guess lmao. They see ghosts and all sorts.

AND some signs you're house is haunted (or anything like that)

– Birds slamming themselves into the walls of you're house and breaking their necks, as if on purpose.

– Random objects moving around, going missing

– Pet refusing to come into you're house/ someone else's home.

– Doors closing on their own, children seeing things adults cannot. (I assume adults can't really see ghosts, Idk, because April saw Rory in the clown jack-in-the-box and her Mother didn't.) Also one of the other girls kept seeing a ghost, and her older Sister can't, as she's a teenager. (I can't think, and I bet I'm wrong, but I think she's meant to be 16 so couldn't see the ghost.)


Jk lmao.

But stay safe, all of you =)

– Sad Earth
– UK
– England

Dan b says:

Loving the videos dude.. But you talk soo quick

Lucas2394 says:

the way judy says "there was someone rocking in the chair with annabelle" is so creepy

QueenB Jade says:

Ok but I love your ouija shirt!!

Reality Ink says:

Ed and Loraine were a strange combination of legit and fake. I do think they believed in what they were doing. They also knew that making a living doing what they were doing required a level of activity you just don't get in real life. His ghost writer when they were writing up the events making up the above film said it best. He asked what to write in a certain part that was rather unsatisfactory. Ed said something to the effect of "Oh just make something up that's scary those people are crazy"

Heather Overvold says:

The lady killed her son then killed herself in the basement.

Joshin’ Wit Ya says:

Kinda annoyed with your unconscious bias you have against the Warrens.

Buzz Killington says:

I love CZ
And I hope CZ loves me
I’d like to wrap my arms around him
And feel him inside me

David Golez says:

I didn't watch it because it is to scary for me

GracieNotFound says:

id love if like someone who worked on props or something watched these and where like "didnt mean that but yea sure ok ;-;"

Sergey Dukman says:

So the Warrens did make things up? Were they frauds?

JR. Beast says:

I knew everything In the whole movie wasn’t actually real I could easily tell that whole watching it for the floor at time this week. The movie wasn’t as good as people put it out to be and it’s was that scary honestly I guess I have a tolerance to that but I still liked it a lot

Bobby Lee says:

That shirt made my afternoon.

Razorkid123 says:

Two paranormal investigators are selling the house for 1.2 million dollars

AquaMarina says:

Well if you are so sure that it's all fake you are very welcome to spend the night at a real Conjuring house, have fun with the demon i the basement :). And fan fact actual case was SO much more terrifying than the movie and it isn't just Warrens opinion, Andrea Perron the daughter who actually lived through it all wrote 3 books about it.

Oompa Doowop says:

this movie has always been my favorite horror movie, such a strong story, and fantastic directing by James Wan!

Kinara uzumaki says:

Finally malignant is out can you do one about malignant

Soophiaa says:

I’m just wondering did anyone notice how the clocks are all stuck on 3AM I don’t know if I missed it in here but yeah

Savannah Summers says:

Your channel was in my recommended and I haven't stopped watching your videos since 4 this morning. I love your channel 🤩

Vamp Boy666 says:

remember anything is possible

Fiction says:

I mean believe what you want and sure we can’t say they are exactly try but you can’t say that they made things up because we don’t know that for sure either

WovenClaws says:

bro shut up we get it. you dont believe yet base your content on paranormal and horror things .. what a hypocrite

Kelli Awwl says:

The Warrens… paranormal crackpots

Kazzy says:

Your videos are always very fascinating!! I enjoy them greatly.

Mystery Minx says:

"Air Yeeting" has entered my household's vocabulary and has already been used to described some weird crap we were watching on tv. Thank you so much for this wonderful phrase.

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