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2012 Tesla Model S – Jay Leno's Garage

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2012 Tesla Model S. It carries five adults and two kids and has a 300 mile range! Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen gives Jay an up-close deep dive on the Tesla S.
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2012 Tesla Model S – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


D_HongKongVideos says:

7:00 why would we want to pull in a gas station?!!

Tristan N says:

5:25 they bring the base model though 😭 no tech package, Red brake calipers, carbon fiber spoiler

poontc says:

Now it's made in China

Joshua Felty says:

If you do a break torque will it regen the batteries at the same time. lol

BlueMax717 says:

Amazing tech and car but I have no clue why anyone would buy this car. Cant fix it, cant work on it, software doesnt transfer if you sell it.. Its literally a scam

xxcrysiscgx _ says:

Im watching this in 2020 and it still looks futuristic

i smoke ghosts says:

iv driven from l.a to vegas

Tommy Williams says:

Frunk was around way before tesla

Tommy Williams says:

I can drive my dodge ram 400 miles then fill up in less than 30 minutes and guess what my Google maps has gas stations on it too. Wow

Emerald and Company says:

Crazy to think that this wasn't even a decade ago, tesla has come a longway and is here to stay for the foreseeable future, unless something goes horribly wrong.

shaserv says:

Its cool if you can afford it.

Gael Bm says:

Jay was right tesla did work and now has more market value than Volkswagen

Daniel ; says:

Jay Leno. True petrolhead. Loves his classics, loves his McLaren F1 more than anything, loves driving cars and (I think) loves engines. Yet amongst all this he likes electric cars so that there will be more gasoline for him if everyone buys that. They say the electric car will kill the gas guzzlers but I think it might just about save them for enthusiasts to keep doing what they love.


raiment/vestment;ad nauseum/nauseous

Fanaticvandal says:

Here on 25 may 2020, looking forward to Wednesday

R says:

It's a nice looking car, but the "grill" lools like it's off a ford fusion, seems put of place

paul wilson says:

They said the battery would last 10 years. I bet it last at least double that.

Tom says:

I think he was onto something when he said that they'll succeed

D K says:

Unfortunately 8 years later and Tesla still hasn't made anything better. The new ones are super ugly.

T. Duncan says:

I like this one better than yhe new ones especially the dash

T. Duncan says:

Not bad looking at all. Especially back then. Wow.

I Love Tesla’s says:

We need an Updates one with Model 3 Performance or Model S Performance. With Fronz and Elon.

Felix Montana says:

Horoble car 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮

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