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1938 Buick Y Job – Jay Leno's Garage

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VP of Global Design Michael Simcoe lets Jay drive the first concept car ever created—Harley Earl’s Buick Y Job.
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1938 Buick Y Job – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Adam Noman says:

There's something off about a lot of Aussies.

Nikolay Boevski says:

peugeot had electric roof in 1933

Micky Vernon says:

Did the “y” job have knee action shocks?

Michael Pacini says:

That automobile is beauty personified.

Noel Samson says:

GM, find yourself another Harley Earl, please.

Wayne Montpetit says:

Please chastise the 12 year old in me wants to make a joke about the name….

simon henriksen says:

I wish i could make one in aluminium an Norden moter

simon henriksen says:

This is a real car

Joseph Linz says:

It’s amazing they made this in 1938, it looks like somthing from the early to mid 50’s… to think when this car was made, cars like the Ford super deluxe coupe was the mainstream form

Patrick Chubey says:

I know I've seen more beautiful cars out there ,,,,,,, I just can't remember when.

Klaus Haunstrup Christensen says:

Maybe 20 years ago I read an article where it was stated that it was an engineer at Buick who established the scientific relationship between anti roll bar and their influence on handling understeer/oversteer slip angle etc. Does anybody out there know something about this? By the way which car was the first production car wit anti roll bar/bars in the suspension?

John Schmidt says:

I never knew about this car, it was a work of art that inspired many years of future designs, like Cezanne.

king try says:

American classic cars are beautiful

JoeBob1955 says:

Many cars had 13" tires after the Corvair. Chevy Metro had them in 2001, and some cars maybe after that.

1959 Oldsmobile says:

Buick is best

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