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14 Best Features In iOS 14 You Need to Know!

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Apple’s iOS 14 update, coming this fall, is packed with tons of new features, functions, and design changes, many of which iOS users have been wanting for years now. In our latest YouTube video, we highlighted some of the best features included in iOS 14 that will make you want to upgrade to the new software.

read more – https://www.macrumors.com/guide/top-ios-14-features


Alexander Kopstad says:

Iphone is really getting close to the android line

Pierre Assouad says:

In my opinion the incoming call notification should have been at the bottom for easier reach

virtual ninja says:

The FaceTime is a hit and miss amazing update yes but now my friends will be able to see my double chin while I’m looking at the pic they just sent

ItsMe Veloso says:

I cant update to 14 beta because I always ended up bootloop 😒

Anhony Knott says:

My android already has most of those new features that apple is now just bringing

Milton Kausi says:

Ios 14 sucks. My iphone 11pro max sometimes restarts by itself

Sandi SHORTER says:

The PIP isn’t working on my phone. Does this work for iPhone 10

Majd Eissa says:

The back tap is a genius idea

Emily Marcus says:

I wannna know if the iOS update is safe cus my friends is saying it’s not safe like you’re camera app is not working and I got my phone like a month ago so it’s kinda new

John Read says:

These features have been on jailbreak like forever

c.jnthnnn says:

My camera is glitching or is it just me?

Via Myka Datinguinoo says:

When I installed the new ios software my bluetooth is always unavailable. Can somebody help me fix this?


My update still hasn’t came. I’m still running 13

Alex Cuevas says:

Mine is picture in picture

Methaq Kofan says:

‏اجبر جابت الورع ذا

Alan Xu says:

dual bluetooth audio ??? please???

Bashir Noori says:

Fake video show it, it’s jailbreak mobile not 14 iOS Any things I want You can do with jailbreak 13 is 14 is never come have can he gave details

desamania says:

I want picture in picture Youtube

Vinh Triệu says:

I literally jailbreak to have a small call bar and widget then ios 14 release. F*ck

kaitlynn page says:

After I updated my phone to iOS 14 I’m not getting call anymore and I’ve reset me phone and it’s still not working

Monica McCarthy says:

Is this iOS 14 going to be available on the older devices too? iphone 6s and 8? I have older phones, so don't know if the new iOS is for everyone or only for the newer models.

King Loopy says:

So more and more like Android ? Not complaining though

OG MCR says:

ok, so Apple just added the "App Library" (which is basically the "Menu"), so a thing that Android had for years, that Apple didn't want to use (because they wanted it to be easy-to-use system so all the apps were on the home screen) but now they add it and people are amazed about it? Isn't that what you didnt like about Android phones?

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