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107 Avatar The Last Airbender Facts YOU Should Know | Channel Frederator

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Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Only the Avatar knows how to control all four elements. But there’s plenty YOU can learn about Avatar The Last Airbender! And Channel Frederator is here to help. Grab your kite-staff and snuggle up to your flying bison. Here’s 107 Facts about Avatar The Last Airbender YOU Should Know!

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Watching Avatar The Last Airbender, we all wish we could control the elements. Would you bend water like Katara? Or maybe earth like Toph? Maybe you’d bend fire like Zuko, or just do all four like Aang, the Avatar himself. Sadly, we’re all just normal like Sokka. At least you can bend your mind around 107 Avatar The Last Airbender Facts YOU Should Know!

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” is a property of Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

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Graphics and Edited by: Graham Higgins & Kyle Beauregard
Narrated by: Tim Jablonski

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stitch NK says:

South Africans after seeing number 78😂😂😂😂😲

Salami says:

Good except for "mye" and "kia"

10 subs without video says:

There is a atla movie?

Nick Miller says:

Momo vs pabu. Appa vs naga

Taafyp says:

Tim said sokki

lya. says:

wait isnt the airbender in the intro aang? whAttttt

Tyler Davis says:

How is he going to pronounce Mai like that 🤦‍♂️

Gamer Gio says:

T H E R E I S N O W A R I N B A S I N G S E – Joo Dee, February 21, 2005

Hyper Scoutz says:

Anyone realized that earth kingdom has the most land

ARBYZ says:

Its not make-o its mok-o (yes i know its not spelled like this its the finettic spelling) and its not kya its kaya

tansy spokes says:

Why are you pronouncing mai like 'my'

Purple Potatobread says:

I don't really think Avatar is an anime. There are many tropes that aren't present and the style isn't exactly the same.

Llama Smart says:


FalcoTheGreat says:

First word: “It’s
Last word: Perfect”

Jada Anderson says:

The first word in season 1 episode 1 Is (it’s) and the last line is (perfect) put them together and (it’s perfect)

Abigail Lipscomb says:

Does anyone think that Katara is kinda a Mary Sue? Like if u think so!

Rubeus Hagrid says:

When momo is in more episodes than Zuko….

Sophia Barenholtz says:

also its assumed Sokka is 14

Sophia Barenholtz says:

and kataras daughter is named kya!

Cabbage Man says:

2:03 Is that so? 🧐

Zearg says:

Number 108: Agni Kai in Greek means Aang wins!

Ryan Weeks says:

I always thought the earth bender in the opening theme was The Boulder, and the Air Bender was Aang

Menacing Dude says:

And Toph Is 36… Number 36!

Troling Danger says:

That picture on the left is not Sud,but its rather Roku
The more you know

Wolf1029warrior says:

Channel federator if you ever read this comment and if you still don’t know who that is an opening cut scene that is Aang

Karina Sellica says:

It says Katara is 14 by the creators ?

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